Common English terms like “Wanderlust”, “Globetrotter” and “Wayfarer” are often used to describe the emotion of a traveller. But these words don’t truly capture the essence of travel especially when you are a person who travels often and constantly explores the world.

When you are in a social gathering, where you just want to tell your story to everyone you know, you might be at loss when trying to explain what you truly experienced in a journey. Here is a list of beautiful words from around the world that describes travel experiences that are as exotic as the locations explored:


It is a German word for strong desire to travel. It literally means “far-sickness”, the urge to travel far off places. The word is often used in a very poetic way. While some just sit back and imagine about places to go, a person with Fernweh make sure to experience the imagination for real by travel.


Sonder means-to probe. Probe here refers to the depth of something. It emphasises on the fact that everyone has a story to tell about their travel. The word is an indication about the realisation that each random passerby is very complex with his/her own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and stories, which no one will ever never know about. The word is a perfect blend of the words consciousness and appreciation.


The word means a lone wanderer. In poetic sense it is always used to explain a person who wanders alone to escape the world. It is a word generally used to describe a journey of a person randomly rambling while wandering alone. Whether it’s on a travel or not, it is subjective to say the least. For instance,

“I am my own companion,

Lost in my thoughts,

Moving forward in my own journey and

I am not sure if I want to be found”.



Coddiwomple is a word that means to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination. Most often people get confused on how to perceive the word. The confusion is about whether to take it figuratively or literally. It is often used as a slang to describe casual strolls and wanderings besides travel. Figuratively this could be used to refer to life in general and not just travel!


Vagary is a word that refers to an unexpected and inexplicable change in a travel situation. In traveller terms it refers to the wild, whimsical and unusual desire to travel. It is a Latin word for- to roam. Wanderings based on chance and impulse. Often used to describe travel freaks; travelling to fancy, quirky and exotic locations for the sake of thrill.


This is a Japanese word which captures the depth and essence of a traveller. The word is defined as an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious to be described. It is a word used to describe the intense, odd sense of the beauty of the universe along with the sad beauty hidden behind the human suffering.


In psycho-geography, the word means an unplanned journey through landscape which guides the traveller to encounter new and authentic experiences on his travel. The word is often used for artistic and political descriptions. In travel terms, it is a word to describe the semantic knowledge of a place to episodic knowledge. It would give one’s travel a much deeper story to tell.


This is a Latin word used to describe a powerful overwhelming feeling and desire which leaves you inspired on you travel. Most often when on travel, visiting new places, the traveller is often mesmerised by views that leaves a positive impact on life and motivates them to truly appreciate the beauty of life. The word truly captures the positive impact experienced on ones travel.