A thing of beauty is never perfect – Egyptian quote 

It is no secret that the Egyptian tourism sector has struggled in recent years. First, the economic downturn of 2008 hit the entire travel industry hard, and in 2011 the country underwent a revolution that brought a period of unrest and uncertainty that lasted for three years. But now things are quiet and calm in Cairo, and a sense of normalcy is returning to Egypt at long last, making it the best time to visit the land of the Pharaohs. Why visit Egypt? Read on


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  1. Egypt Is Magical

With its ancient wonders and incredible relics, Egypt has been drawing visitors for centuries. Men like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon Bonaparte all came to Egypt to take in the sights. Even in a modern age the country still provides an amazing sense of awe and wonder that is hard to find anywhere else. Standing in the shadow of the Great Pyramid is a truly humbling experience, particularly when you consider the monumental effort that went into creating that structure. Other sites are equally breathtaking, including the incomparable Abu Simbel in the south, and the Valley of the Kings and Queens near Luxor. These places have the ability to transport you back in time, to a completely different age, when Pharos ruled the land, and Egypt was the envy of the world.


  1. Luxury Calling


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A spectacular serene land of untouched beaches, similar to the beaches in Dubai, and the place full of cultural treasures, Egypt has everything. From its abundance of ancient sites to explore, to luxurious resorts, like Four Seasons Resort, Dreams Beach Resort and Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort, you will get plenty of options for world class accommodation facilities. Enjoy diverse tastes at one of the famous restaurants or relax at a beach resort that provides a spectacular glimpse of clear blue waters with snorkeling and diving opportunities.


  1. Search for Treasure while Shopping in Khan-el-Khalili 


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No visit to Cairo is complete without visiting the Khan-el-Khalili bazaar, a true paradise for shopping lovers. From various statues, spices, souvenirs, silver jewelry to the clothes, you will get everything under one roof. Once you are done with your shopping, don’t forget to savor the traditional cup of tea at Fishawi’s cafe.


  1. Learn to Make Bedouin Bread


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Like cooking? Like camping? Then one highlight of any desert or beach trip with the Bedouin will be making Bedouin bread, simple dough of water, flour and salt that cooks like magic on a cast-iron dome over a campfire. Bedouin guides will also show kids how to find firewood without killing living trees – a vital skill in the desert.


  1. It’s Quite Affordable

With tourism numbers down, there are travel deals to be had across all of Egypt.  Favorable exchange rates help the situation even further, and street merchants are willing to part with their wares at lower prices too just to see some money coming in. That translates to a bargain for travelers who may never see Egypt be this inexpensive again.

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