Let’s face it. Travel is in our blood. There’s a sense of exploration in all of us that want to discover something new on our travel, to escape the mundane circumstances of our everyday lives. Travel will always remain a mystery to all of us because there’s just so much out there waiting to be discovered, something only a handful of us ever truly achieve.

With that in mind, it’s no doubt that most of us try to make the most of our spare time on travel exploring the wonders the world has to offer. But not all of us have the same idea in mind. Travel is a big step and in that, comes many questions we tend to ask ourselves as travelers before we do so. Where do I want to go? Do I want to be outdoors at all time? Do I want a relaxing vacation? Do I want to climb a mountain? Am I going to shop? Or do I want to enjoy everything the place has to offer me?

There are so many personal goals that we wish to achieve in our travel. It’s these small things that separate us from other travelers and define us as a specific type of traveler. So here are a few characteristics that could possibly tell you what sort of traveler you are:

  1. The Explorer

An explorer is seen as one that likes to see and discover new things. They wish to travel every inch of the world and see the wonders it has in store for them. These travelers see things as a challenge that need to be overcome and these destinations as the only way to do so.



  1. The Nature Enthusiast

A traveler that wishes to see the beautiful and hypnotizing landscapes of mother earth only to immerse themselves in it. These travelers find peace & tranquility and often take up activities such as camping, forest tours and also visits to national parks.



  1. The Thrill Seeker

A person who just can’t stay still. A traveler that seeks to do anything whether extreme not just for the sake of the thrills involved. The sheer rush of blood to the head is more than enough to set these travelers of on the perfect vacation. People that take up extreme sports can be classified as such kinds of travelers.



  1. The Party Person

The heading says it all. These travelers are party animals and want to have fun at every corner they turn to. Whether it’s a royal dinner party or an alcoholic trip into the night, any occasion suits them. This traveler is not afraid to spend any amounts of money to have a good time.



  1. The Foodie

An experimental sort of traveler. These travelers go around the world exploring the delicious delights to satisfy their taste buds. They are curious and will willingly spend all their money in order to eat anything exotic on their travel.



  1. The Shopaholic

The traveler that loves to spend money on anything. They buy things just for the sake of it without any hesitation. “Shop till you drop” is certainly the case here. They travel round the world and purchase anything they see as glamorous even though they don’t really need it.




  1. The History Buff

For a wanderlust that travels for the culture, the tradition and the overall history of a place. They explore different places for the personal pleasure of wanting to know everything they possibly can about the place. There is a rewarding experience involved here from a cultural aspect that can only be achieved on a personal level.