Having the Tiger, the Elephant or the Panda as their National animal is too mainstream for countries these days, so they just went ahead and got mythical animals as their national symbols! We take a look at some of the Weird National animals from around the world. Each one of them gets more bizarre than the previous one.

1) Double Headed Eagle – Russia

Like the dragon, a double headed Eagle is adopted by quite a few countries as their national animal. It is especially popular among the Byzantine, Roman and Russian Empires. What it symbolizes is a little vague. It could be the union with equal authorities of the two countries during the formation of Russia or could stand for double vigilance, watchfulness or power that these countries want to represent.


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2) Welsh Dragon – Wales

Think it’s only in Harry Potter where dragons are so famous? Then you’re wrong. Wales has gone ahead and picked the Welsh Dragon as the national animal. Being an exception to the Asian love for dragons, Wales has their dragon on their flag too.


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3) Phoenix – Greece

For a country with so much on display, it’s only apt that a country like Greece with such a rich mythology picks a creature just as mythical as their national animal. The phoenix that stands for rebirth and regeneration seems perfect to symbolize a country that has surprised the world quite a few times by rising up to power after being wiped out completely.


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4) Garuda – Indonesia
This creature is extremely popular in the Asian, specifically East Asian countries and their mythologies. The famous Epic The Ramayana, has a Garuda who is a trust worthy ally of Lord Ram. The creature, that is the national animal of Indonesia, is a rather interesting oddity. It has the wings, face, feet and beak of an eagle, and a man’s arms and torso.


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5) Druk – Bhutan
Having just a dragon didn’t seem cool enough. So Bhutan has a fire dragon with jeweled claws. The Dragon, however ironically, symbolizes the purity of the country and it’s people while the jewels stand for the prosperity and perfection in the country.


Source: img.ibxk.com.br


6) Chollima – North Korea
Koreans apparently have better imagination and believe in fantasies more than the rest of the world. For they chose the Chollima to be their national animal. The Chollima is a winged horse that symbolizes the bravery and dauntless spirit of the Koreans.


Source: travelobservers.com


7) Unicorn – Scotland
Symbolizing life, happiness, joy, innocence and purity, the Unicorn has been the national animal of Scotland since the 12th century. According to the popular Scottish folklore, a unicorn was a dangerous beast. The Unicorn is the perfect symbol of Scotland and its surrounding islands.


Source: corabuhlert.com


8) Merlion – Singapore
Singapore just went ahead and invented a creature to call its own. Since it is a sea city, with fishing being the main activity once upon a time, they picked a creature from the sea – a fish and clubbed it with the first animal that their Prince had seen on the land – a lion. And thus, the famous Merlion of Singapore came to be its national animal which also one of its many attractions.

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