Most parents complain that their perfectly well-behaved, little angels turn into screaming, snotty spawns of Satan while travelling. That could be putting it lightly for some. Here are 5 tips that make travelling with kids easier & ensure that your kids conduct themselves like the cherubs they are.

Tip 1:

Get kids involved! Active inclusion – from planning itineraries to encouraging a travel journal – will not only engage your children, it’ll also foster a sense of ownership of the travel experience.




Tip 2:

Dress kids in loose, comfortable clothing for long flights and choose shoes that are easy to slip on and off. ‘Layers’ of clothes means they can swiftly be peeled off and put on to suit climatic conditions (including often ice-cold planes).




Tip 3:

Opt for a small backpack instead of a handbag. This will leave your hands free to grab your child at any given moment and also makes nappy-changing in public places easier.




Tip 4:

Practice an emergency plan in case you ‘lose’ each other – chaotic transport hubs are especially notorious for this. If your kids aren’t old enough to have a cell phone, keep your contact number on their person and teach them the right people (like mothers, the police) to approach if they are lost.



Tip 5:

Factor in sufficient chill-out time. Cramming too much into a day is likely to turn your kids into whiny stressors, marring the travel experience for everyone. A day off to simply splash in the hotel swimming pool, for instance, offers a welcome pause from the vicissitudes of life on the road.

A thorough planning of the trip with some excellent merriment thrown in for good measure will ensure that travelling with little ones doesn’t have to be a dreaded task.

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