Travel is awesome. Traveling with friends is even more awesome sometimes. Friends can either augment the epicness of an adventure, or make you wish you’d gone alone. Traveling with your best friend makes the lows a little easier.As amazing as travel is, it’s not all fun and games. You’ll be confronted with so many new and challenging situations on a daily basis, but having a friendly face by your side can make you feel invincible.

You can forget about your itinerary

When you’re with friends, you can forget everything that you’ve worked hard for and enjoy each other’s company wherever your impulsive decisions take you.

You Can Pack Lighter

Just like backpacking, the more people that come with you, the more ways you can split up the gear. Everyone carries less!

There’s Always Someone To Take Pictures of You

Selfies are cool and all, but there’s no way to take, say, a cool selfie of yourself mid-jump. Enter your bestie.

You’ll get that extra push you never thought you needed

You suddenly feel scared to go bungee jumping? Okay. You can freely go back to your hotel and sulk for being such a coward. But when you’re with friends, you have someone to cheer you on to continue.

Safety and support

Even if you are going to a relatively safe place, a friend can be relied on to watch your bag and also remind you that cars drive on the other side of the road (trust us, everyone forgets this at least once).