Many travelers like to commemorate their memories of a trip with a souvenir to add a physical and tangible aspect to it. Some people view it as a physical representation of their accomplishments and tracks the destinations they have been to, others like to tie it to a sentimental event or memory in that country.

No matter what your motives are for buying, collecting, or gifting souvenirs we are here with some tips on picking the perfect souvenirs every time!

Take the recipient’s taste and preferences into consideration

No matter how pretty or nice you think that fridge magnet is or the little figurines, it is important to consider the preferences of the recipient of the souvenir in order to get more mileage out of it as well as add sentimental value and feel special.

Know the rules!

Some countries have different regulations when it comes to imports and what is considered as contraband. This could include foods, beverages, and items made of certain materials. It is always recommended to check regulations of the country you are visiting as well as returning to it when considering buying out of the ordinary.

Go Local!

Steer away from the cliché gift shops available in hotels, airports and touristic attractions. Instead, opt for local vendors, that way you will be supporting local talents and businesses as well as getting souvenirs that are locally made.

Think outside the box

You will be impressed with the kind of products and things that you will find branded with the country’s names and attractions nowadays. This will give you the opportunity to buy gifts and souvenirs that can be used daily and will probably be used and valued more than another trinket for the shelf or a magnet for the fridge.