After the whole family gathers for the wedding, the whole process even though being the most beautiful moment of your life, can really be stressful. Hence, you need that amazing honeymoon escape with your partner to detox yourself and just be surrounded by love.

Your choice in honeymoon destination could range from exotic to beautiful beaches to budget friendly honeymoon packages. We have suggestions for each of the category so you can pick the honeymoon destinations of your dreams.


This is the most popular honeymoon destination choice for many newly-weds. Why wouldn’t it be? It is a remote Indian Ocean archipelago comprising of beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and secluded resorts. Being a less touristy location, it is a perfect place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon without any distractions. If you are on the lookout for a budget friendly honeymoon package, Maldives is the place to be.



Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is what you call a “Honeymoon Paradise”. Voted as the world’s best Island by World Report, the beautiful crystal-clear waters, picturesque mountains and coral reef swirling with colourful fish creates the most natural romantic setup for couples to have an amazing & memorable honeymoon.



Kyoto, Japan

One of the 17 UNESCO world heritage sites, Kyoto has a lot of beautiful views and Buddhist temples to visit. You will get to experience a number of colourful and cheerful festivals that are celebrated in the city. Spending your honeymoon here would be the right choice for couples who are on the lookout for some fun, colour and peace. A perfect honeymoon destination to discover yourselves together!



Venice, Italy

A trip to Venice for your honeymoon would definitely be the most interesting and beautiful experience of your life. If you are looking for some serious romantic moments, then this is definitely the place to be. The elegant piazzas and the glittering waterways will make you feel like you are in a movie having the time of your life at a romantic honeymoon destination.



Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is an Island on the coast of the eastern part of Spain, which is a popular honeymoon destination. Filled with plenty of beaches and romantic waterfront cafes, there is scope for adventure and thrill to venture off for couples during their honeymoon. That’s not all, if you are on the lookout for a peaceful private affair, then you have quiet villages and shopping alleys to explore and have the much needed cozy time.



Santorini, Greece

If you want a romantic honeymoon of lavish exclusiveness, then Santorini is a perfect getaway. This beautiful place is a treat to explore. This Greek honeymoon escape guarantees an intimate time comprising of class, elegance and romanticism. Santorini is also one of the best place to have a destination wedding.



Makepeace Island, Australia

What better place than a heart shaped island to celebrate your  honeymoon? Located on the Noosa River, this private island has beautiful Balinese style gardens to décor. The volcanic boulder bathtubs and nature gives scope for a peaceful exploration for the new couple. Experience the Australian wilderness and get pampered in the privacy of your own exclusive island retreat with Makepeace as your honeymoon destination.



Nevis West Indies, Caribbean

Known as one of the most unspoilt and relaxing islands in the Caribbean, this place is a treat to be in as it is filled with vividly green surrounding with blue skies, clean air and long empty beaches. This would be a complete change over from the usual city life. This is a calm island which is greatly undisturbed by development and that is the beauty of it, thus perfect for a romantic honeymoon. You will find local musicians with steel pans and string bands alternate with jazz groups entertaining you throughout the stay making it very pleasant and memorable.




For couples who are in search for an adventurous honeymoon destination, Oman offers a variety of fun experiences. Being the oldest of all the Arab countries, Wadi’s deserts, beaches and mountains are areas which makes Oman unique. If you are looking for a luxury and unspoilt beach experiences, then Oman is the place to be! This is a perfect honeymoon destination for anyone having a winter wedding. Also, if you are foodies, you will have the time of your life with the Arabian style food.



Botswana, Africa

The stunning landscapes, pristine wilderness, and fantastic view and no crowds makes Botswana an attractive honeymoon destination. You get to experience magnificent sunsets and have amazing stargazing moments with your loved one from small luxurious camps & lodges providing an outstanding overall guest experience. If you are into a romantic honeymoon with a thrilling and wild twist, this is the place to be!



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