As Africa is slowly gaining popularity in the tourism circle, it’s time for us to include the awaited plan of visiting the land of our ancestors. Despite all the scary myths about Africa spread by people, African countries have solid tourism infrastructures in place.

So the first place to definitely visit is Kenya. Kenya is filled with diverse landscapes, exciting attractions, and scenic settings. There are many options to explore which makes it mandatory for you to pre-decide an itinerary before booking the tickets to Kenya. Trust us, until you are absolutely sure about what you want to do in Kenya, it will be incredibly difficult to enjoy as you will get lost by just reading about the places to visit.

So once you are all set, here are some travel tips that can help make your trip to Kenya memorable-

  1. Not meant for short vacation

If you are all set out to truly appreciate the mesmerizing beauty of Kenya, do not plan for the trip if you can’t spare at least two weeks of your time.



  1. Get your vaccine shots sorted

Although the Centre of Disease control might scare you with the disease list in Kenya, you have nothing to worry about if you have all the required vaccinations.


You can opt for the infamous Kenya road safari or travel in style with an air safari! Or better yet, a combination of both. Whichever you may choose, you are guaranteed to experience the glorious side of Kenya in its true sense.



  1. Give respect, take respect!

People in Kenya are very down to earth and hence kindly keep in mind to interact politely. Read up on the body language, mannerisms and Kenya as a country before planning a visit. A simple act of politeness can help you in gaining the experience of a lifetime. (Psst…if the people in Kenya like you, then you are in for some real treat and offers)



  1. Let experience triumph over comfort

Do not make decisions based on how comfortable you are. When you are travelling to a new place like Kenya and exploring new areas, try to keep an open mind and enjoy the beauty of it. Don’t you want to go back home and have wild stories to tell your friends? Make memories. Live young. It is also a great shooting location for movies.



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