As you gear up for travel, you need to be very strategic when it comes to packing. In order to do so, you need to have the right kind of knowledge about the kinds of travel bags available. Each of these bags has its own advantage and purpose. Here is a list of travel bags that will help you choose your travel companion:

1) Briefcase

These bags have a protection layer inside out and can hold onto all your documents and money safely. Therefore, it is mainly used for professional purposes. Always make sure that your brief case has a combination lock as the frequency of briefcases being stolen is higher. This is an ideal travel bag for all the business travellers.

There three different kinds of briefcases- First- Portfolio cases which are handleless, meant for carrying under the arm; second- Folio cases which has a retractable handle and the third- attach case which is made of leather and most widely used.

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2) Backpack

Backpacks are the ideal bags for a light trip. You just have to hang them on your shoulders, the weight is then evenly spread out and your hands are free from carrying the luggage. You have rolling backpacks also available today for children to carry their luggage easily on their travel. This type of carry-on-easy bags is recommended for people going on an adventure or road trip.

Backpacks are the most common and convenient travel bags used by all today. The multi compartments facility allows it to store many items and it is pretty affordable as well.


3) Suitcase

Suitcases and rolling suitcases are ideal for people travelling heavy. Off late only rolling suitcases are available in the market as it has made life more convenient. It makes the luggage seem light and can easily be handled by children as well. These are perfect for long vacations, any trip more than 4 days or if you are shifting to a completely new place.

These are the most commonly used travel bag and it can store almost anything (in terms of travel needs) depending on the size.



4) Duffle Bags

These are flexible travel bags which can be fit into any compartments. These are convenient for 2-3 days travel for a person. The kind of stuff you can fit into a duffel bag is unimaginable- clothes, shoes, toiletries, books etc. This is also an ideal travel bag for sports enthusiasts to carry all their equipment and other items. And there are duffle bags with rollers as well.

Apart from that this is a favorite for military personnel’s and the marines. Therefore, the bag is made up of thick fabric.



5) Laptop bag

Laptop bags as the name suggests is meant for carrying laptops. But you can easily pull of a one day trip with these bags. These are handy for professional visits or for students navigating through their college life. The multi compartments in the bag also allow you to store documents, papers, books and event a set of clothing.



6) Totes

Although one might associate totes to be a ‘feminine’ bag, these are designed for men as well and is currently trending. A tote is easy to carry and has just enough room to put in all essentials like electronics, wallet and other accessories and must haves for the travel. Any tote can be used for travel and most often can be strapped on to the back if needed. Totes are ideal to carry when you board and often come in various shapes, colors and sizes.


7) Designer luggage

If you are on the lookout for the best quality bags then designer bags are the ones you should be looking at. Designer bags will have all the above mentioned types of bags with a fashionable twist. These kinds of bags are for luxury travel and are very expensive to buy. The good part about designer bags is that it always comes with a warranty and any damage done would be repaired and replaced accordingly. Designer bags are a must for those who want to travel in style and who love quality over price.