Planning a trip to Paris is a pretty straight forward affair. Every traveller has Paris in their travel wish list because of its beauty and magical appeal. Beyond the city’s visual appeal, the cultural riches of the French capital are supreme. Whether you want to explore the historic buildings, the fashion conscious, conventional lifestyle, bohemian or arty sides of the city, one thing is certain: Paris will always enthral!

So if you are clueless as to how to plan your visit to Paris, these tips might help in making your journey worth the money-

  1. Dates


Plan your trip to Paris anytime between Mid-January and March. tourist season is during the summers and would be crowded with people, you will really miss out on the detailed experiences then. Plus, the airfares for travel during the recommended time would be cheaper.

  1. Getting around


If you are on the lookout for adventure, Boats, trams or cycling is the best way to get the city experience in Paris. On top of this, all day excursion packages are well worth the money.  There are many great day trips outside of Paris. When you book a guide from Paris to travel with you, it might cost a little more but you will add a local touch to your travel experience.

  1. Food


Great wine and cheese and more food all for just $100 per person and you are set for life! The local cafes and food joints in the city serve delicious food in French cuisine with quantity and quality. But if you are in to explore expensive and fancy looking bistros and restaurants, you will need to book in advance. Getting a table at a restaurant is quiet difficult, therefore have a plan B as well when it comes to choosing a restaurant.

  1. The FREE days


Paris has free first Sunday programmes initiated for their tourism. So if you plan right, you can visit some of the popular museums and monuments in Paris for free. If you are a movie buff, you have free open air theatres screening classic movies all the time.

  1. Shopping


Mid-January and Mid- September is an awesome time to drop by Paris if you are a shopaholic. The prices drop up to 80% and there is a sale everywhere you turn in the streets of Paris. Also keep in mind the Customs and baggage limit before going crazy.