The first thing we do before deciding a place to travel is figure out a way to travel cheap. But what about the dreams to travel around the world? Fear not! We have a solution for all. Budget travels are the best and most well planned. There are different ways you can achieve this. Read more on Budget travels here. BUT! We most often seek for something cheaper than just a budget travel!

A holiday in 2016 doesn’t have to drain your bank account. You can travel cheap around the world and explore exotic locations, all under a budget quiet easily. Therefore, select carefully from this list of cheap places to travel to which is totally worth it-


Egypt being the oldest tourism destination on earth, travelling through the miles and miles of its golden dunes can be pretty budget friendly and also adventurous. On an average, a tourist would end up spending up to $700 for the whole trip! The best places to visit in Egypt are Sinai, Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh and the infamous Nile Valley. The best time to plan a trip down here is between the months of late November to late February. So gear up to travel cheap this year!



India can be a cheap place to travel only if you go to the right places. You need to explore places beyond the wonders and heritage sites or even goa for that matter. How about mountain treks in Ladakh, where there are huge peaks and cool air or surfing in Port Blair. You can visit India whenever you want throughout the year and you will be guaranteed to have the experience of your life with an added benefit of cheap travel. You can find amazing camping sites here as well. To know more, read



Being one of Africa’s most stable country, this place is a treat for nature lovers. Roaming in the wild with the wild, free with greenery all around is what one can call experience the small joys of life by paying small. Travel is cheap here because it is an unspoiled land of timeless beauty. If you are on the lookout for an adventure with family and friends, a trip to Botswana would be perfect for a cheap travel.



The tourism industry in Angola is based on the country’s natural beauty like the rivers, waterfalls and scenic coastline. This is a very undiscovered country in terms of tourism, which is an advantage for us. The safari tours and popular tourist destinations there are always very cheap. Travel cheap to Angola if you are passionate about photography, people and culture.


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a wealthy country with a well-developed infrastructure. Perfect place to travel with class and spend lavishly as it is not as expensive. The concept of travel cheap here works only if you make a clear plan about the places you want to go. With the right planning, the per trip expense of a tourist is $350. But you do need to do your e research before considering to travel here. Your interaction with the locals will be more. Therefore, know about all the restrictions in terms of locations to photograph and dress code. Respect the customs and be careful of the water you drink.



Although many think Malaysia is costly, it fairly depends on the number of days your trip involves. If it is a week vacation that you are planning, then you can easily travel cheap. Modern Malaysia has exquisite beaches, bustling cities and diverse food options. This the best place to travel cheap as travel and tourism infrastructure here is well developed. Especially when it comes to stay, Malaysian hotels offer really cheap packages.