We are six months into 2017 and you must be wondering about where you are going to spend a relaxing and memorable holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Tour and activity providers like Cozmo Travel are great at spotting trends. It comes naturally as we are in the trade of helping people travel all around the globe and we are also aware that the tide of the travel industry keeps shifting from one favourite location or activity to the next. Millennials have also been steadily ascending to their current platform as leaders in tourism for a few years now. For 2016, it was predicted that by 2020, the millennial market will be taking 47% more international trips than in 2013.  All travelers want a unique experience and this encourages them to seek out new locations or venture out into the open.

River Cruise:

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It could be that you’re a traveler who wants to get on the water but has no interest in joining the crowds on behemoth cruise ships. In that case, head for the river, whether you can be a part of a modern boat cruise on the Rhine or something more offbeat, like the Volga River itineraries on decidedly proletarian Soviet-era ships. One of the newest riverboats is the Mekong Sun , a 28-passenger Laotian-built vessel that follows a formerly inaccessible stretch of the Mekong River from Vientiane, past the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang , and into the Golden Triangle.

Exotic Destinations:

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Among the exotic destinations to head out to are Syria, Yemen, and Sudan, even though there is raging conflict, but the attraction of being in the cradle of civilization with Sumerian architecture in the middle eastern countries being the major attractant. Scandinavian countries (Norway and the Nordic Finland) too will steal the limelight for their mesmerizing Aurora Borealis famously known as Northern Lights and Nordic Walking. The spine-chilling winters, bundled in sleeping bags and lying under the magnificent northern lights is a unique experience and will continue to attract a lot of travelers.

Self Drive Journeys:

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A trend that is slowly on the rise and which is most likely to be hot in 2017 and in the coming years is self-driving ‘journeys’. Self-drive holidays have seen an upsurge with today’s travelers wanting to explore more on their own. These will continue to gain great traction as the new-age voyagers are constantly looking for raw and authentic experiences. Apart from being economical, self-drive breaks allow travelers to discover new and offbeat paths and tread their own. With an adventurous and thrilling vibe to the idea of experiencing the trails firsthand, self-drive holidays are a hit with not just experienced travelers but also youngsters. The most beautiful and exotic getaways to trend in 2017 are Europe, New Zealand and UK that offer some breathtaking driveways. USA and Australia are expected to see a fair amount of self driving tourists too.

Food Tourism:

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When it comes to travel it always comes down to food at some point, doesn’t it? Food tourism has become an emerging trend among travelers everywhere and tourism experts have taken notice. According to Skift UK Editor Patrick Whyte at TouRRoir 2016, food experiences are not limited to simply dining out. It includes cooking courses, farm tours and the classic food markets, which make up about 95% of these experiences. When we mention food tourism, it should not bring to mind eating at every restaurant or eatery throughout your travels, it just means that the prime focus for the journey is going to be food! That is to satisfy your interest in food, it’s a necessity, after all. The growing trend in food tourism is that the diversity of culinary travelers’ interests and the way foodie destinations are stepping up to meet expectations and provide authentic culinary memories.

Adventure Travel:

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In 2017, authentic adventure trips are becoming all the rage. They continue to emerge as a popular purpose for traveling. Especially as millennials are taking the stage as leaders in the industry.


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‘Staycations’ another word for staying at length at one tourist destination, have been a powerful trend in 2016 continuing into 2017. Many travelers have trended in the direction of sticking around locally to enjoy their vacation time. This has been great news for local tour and activity providers and their communities as more people are looking to boost their local economies with trips close to home.

Health and Wellness:

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In addition to all these trends there is also a trend of getting healthy while enjoying a nice getaway. More and more top-flight hotels that range from yoga retreat Kamalaya in Thailand to the fitness-oriented Rancho La Puerta in Mexico, offer wellness expertise alongside the chance to coddle yourself.

Solo Woman Travel:

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When it comes to solo women travelling across the globe, “There is a focus on learning and self-discovery, on improvement, which appeals to women,” as mentioned by Chris Skilling, vice president of worldwide product for VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations. Women want to be out there, exploring nature, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, practicing new languages, pursuing hobbies and interests, coming face-to-face with history, getting some rest and relaxation and digging their heels into sports and athletic challenges. Along their travels, they’re gaining confidence, learning new skills and enjoying the freedom of following their own schedules and traveling at their own pace.

Medical Tourism:

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The progression to a new type of tourism is the burgeoning field of medical tourism which has little or nothing to do with spas and inner peace and everything to do with surgery, although surgery in a beautiful destination with hospital accommodations to rival those of a four-star hotel.

Sharing Economy:

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Travelers and travel companies alike have witnessed the sharing economy grow into an integral part of consumers’ daily lives, blurring the lines between leisure and business travel services and accommodations. As it begins to bridge the business travel gap millennials are the ones who are most comfortable utilizing these services and technology. A study revealed that 74% of millennial business travelers had stayed in a vacation rental, like those provided by Airbnb, while just 38% and 20% of Generation X and baby boomer travelers had, respectively. Additionally, 44% of millennial travelers actually prefer staying in these types of share-economy accommodations.

Business Travel:

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Forbes Magazine states that, global business travel topped $1.2 trillion and is expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020, according to new research by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), an association representing the interests of corporate travel managers. What’s more, China has now surpassed the U.S. as the largest business travel market in the world, ringing up $291 billion last year. The vast majority of business travelers also want to receive personalized travel options.