Well it’s certainly a time to immerse yourself into the spectacular beauty of Dubai’s sandy deserts, part of the vast and mysterious Arabian Desert, by venturing into the Desert Safari in the red sands of the deserts located in close proximity to the city of Dubai. Every Desert Safari in Dubai starts off with the pick up from a traveller’s hotel or a designated location. The desert is a about twenty three kilometers from Dubai and upon reaching the desert travellers are allowed to rest and get acclimatized to the surroundings.

Travellers are in for a treat among the sand dunes, as the Desert Safari in Dubai provided by a few of the most popular safari operators, starts with an adventurous afternoon where a few of the tall sand dunes are traversed with a four-wheeled drive, with the sand dunes located deep in the Arabian Desert. Once travellers are almost satisfied with dune bashing, they can explore the desert charm further by opting for ‘Sand Surfing’ or ‘Sandboarding’. Since there is no formal training for sand surfing, adventure enthusiasts will find this activity to be quite easy to grasp! The belief here is that more the number of dunes you surf on, the more excited the activity will become. In a fitting end to a dramatic day in the sand dunes, travellers are in for a stimulating evening as the panoramic view of the vast desert greets their eyes and the calm of the red sand dunes soothes their eyes as the sun sets over the vast sands of the Arabian Desert.

Once the sun sets, a whole new experience awaits the traveller among the sand dunes.

The true spirit of Arabic  heritage is provided to travellers as they can camp at traditional and tribal desert sites with a warm welcome by the locals, almost always accompanied by aromatic Arabic coffee and dates.

This type of setting certainly recreates the enchantment of Bedouin encampments. As a traveller, you can choose to sit in out in the open among the stars or in a Majlis which comes complete with beautiful Persian carpets spread out, comfortable low tables and plush cushions to sit on. The evening also has in store camel rides and henna painting. Dressing up in local Arabic attire and having a falcon on the shoulder is as immersed as a traveller can get in the desert, not to forget a few puffs from sheeshas with various flavours.

Appetites that have been building up for all travellers, after all the adventurous activities during the day are finally satiated as night falls in the Arabian Desert. A large array of dishes with an authentic Arabic gourmet cooking ingenuity that beckons travellers to indulge their senses. What awaits them is a lavish buffet dinner filled to the brim with barbecue dishes. Guests can select dishes from a wide variety of mouth watering Arabic cuisines, including the kebabs, shawarma, and numerous salads and desserts in addition to the main course. Dinner is served with a dash of entertainment as travellers dine while experiencing the performance of traditional ‘Tanoura’, a type of Sufi dance style and Arabic belly dancers.

A short Cozmo Travel guide to the desert safari routines in Dubai.

Driving On The Dunes – Elements of the Desert Safari

There are few experiences that embody the essence of Dubai, as the desert safari. Travellers can either take a backseat unless they are all set for adventure in the front seat of a high powered four-wheeled drive SUV. It is recommended to hold on as tight as possible for this thrill ride with an experienced driver, takes travellers around and sometimes through the sand dunes, and sometimes precariously balanced on the edge of steep drops, before rolling down quickly on sandy slopes and back up again. There are a few of stops for sunset photo-ops before are every guest is taken to a traditional Bedouin camp, where a delicious Arabic buffet dinner awaits.

An offroad adventure – Time to Rev Those Quad Bikes

Travellers who are looking to navigate the desert dunes themselves can request to be dropped off at Big Red, Dubai’s most famous sand dune. Here they can hop on a quad bike and start to ride around in the desert. These bikes are available on hire in half hour slots. These bikes are quick and Cozmo travel recommends travellers  to wear a helmet during the ride. Enjoy riding through the natural trails among the sand dunes, kicking up sand as the bike speeds through and bounces over one of Dubai’s most iconic patches of desert. Big Red, or Al Hamar as this area is locally known, is easy to spot along the Dubai-Hatta (E44) highway.

Sandy slippery slides – Go sandboarding

This experience is for the true adrenaline seeker. Travellers can strap on a snowboard-like contraption to their feet and glide down the dunes just like they would on the slopes of ‘Ski Dubai’. While it common practice to rent a sand board at Big Red, there are a number of operators that offer a comprehensive experience with an itinerary covering the morning safari and a sandboarding package, starting off with a desert safari in a ‘Hummer’ and ending with the sandboarding session, where tips for making it down the dune smoothly are provided by an experienced guide.

Stay in the Desert – A royal desert experience

Dubai-based ‘luxe’ tour operators offer a number of desert safaris in Landrovers through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where travellers can spot native wildlife and the distinct Arabian Oryx. Once safely seated in the Landrovers, the next step is to travel through the sand dunes for an authentic desert experience dating back to the tribal times of the Arabian Desert. Travellers can choose between the morning wildlife safari and complete it with a traditional Emirati breakfast coupled with storytelling by a local Bedouin, or select the night safari, where they can absorb brilliant sunsets and conclude the experience with a scrumptious meal at a royal desert retreat. For an experience that is truly memorable, Cozmo Travel advises the private astronomy tour, which aims to enlighten guests on Arabian astronomy along with an introduction to nocturnal desert creatures.

An Oasis of Comfort – Stay Overnight in Luxury

If camping does not suit you, a luxurious setting awaits travellers at a few luxury resorts such as Al Maha Desert Resort And Spa, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa and Desert Palms Dubai. These resorts and spas take ‘glamping’ (a combination of glamour and camping) to a higher level, with luxurious tent-styled villas, with swimming pools and other essential luxuries. The highlight with glamping is the sunset camel ride over the sand dunes or just lounging at the resort while sipping on a cold beverage as guests take in the uninterrupted view of the sunset. Cozmo travel recommends travellers to choose a villa preferably overlooking one of the natural oases, where they can witness gazelles and Arabian oryx stop to satisfy their thirst.

The vastness of the Arabian desert, rich experiences in the midst of sand dunes, and a wide variety of exciting activities all through the day and night, make a desert safari in Dubai an experience of a lifetime. There is also a spectrum of activities for travellers to choose from including photography tours, adventurous desert safari experiences, adventure filled night safaris, and memorable nights out in the cold desert under the millions of stars in the clear desert sky.

Complete with adventurous rides, Arabian music, and sumptuous food, Dubai night safaris exhibit the best of Arabian nights and is definitely recommended to travellers. A setting sun in the desert in Dubai is equally charming as compared to the rising sun. The Desert Safari Dubai is indeed a one of a kind experience that you should not miss!

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