1. Vietnam

Not that Vietnam is not pleasant to visit all year round, but the truly best time to vacation in the beautiful country of Vietnam is September.  Areas like sapa are absolutely gorgeous and provide ideal settings for hiking and trekking for the active travelers who will be rewarded with the magnificent views of rice terraces at the golden hour.  You should also consider visiting Hanoi if you are into historical and energetic vibes.

  1. Cyprus

This place is perfect for the travelers who love to vacation in the summer and can’t get enough of the sun-kissed glow.  You will be exposed to so much historical sites and Turkish architectural designs from the ottoman period. You will defiantly enjoy the food and the view of the clear waters all around you, ensuring that you have an unforgettable holiday.

  1. Georgia

Georgia has been gaining popularity rapidly amongst tourists for the abundance of history it provides, like the ancient ruins and castles from the early centuries, while travelers enjoy the different types of delicious dishes and local wines and drinks. You will definitely enjoy the sunny warm weather while gallivanting around during the nationwide annual festive grape harvest in different locations and cities.

  1. China

Nothing beats planning a full on adventure packed vacation in China. You will find something to please everyone no matter what they are into.  You will get a chance to visit different cities that have different topographical aspects that gives travelers the feeling of visiting different countries during one trip. Enjoy the rich culture and don’t forget to indulge in all the street foods china can offer.

  1. Croatia

Spending your holiday in Croatia guarantees that you will catch the late summer sun throughout your trip. It offers a wide variety of natural wonders and places for you to visit and make amazing memories. Be on the lookout for the amazing Venetian architecture and have a blast at the stunning coastlines and beaches.