1. Pilaf
    This dish is a traditional staple in the Azerbaijani food scene, with slight resemblance to Biryani and spiced rice. This dish is infused with a mix of spices and a lot of saffron, cinnamon and a variety of dried fruits. Usually wrapped in a cocoon of crispy lavash and served with any type of meat on the side.
  2. Kebab
    All types and kinds of meet can be found grilled at any restaurant you walk into and they have
    multiple famous types of kebab that differ in terms of meet and the flavor pallet.
  3. Qutab
    This dish is dubbed the Azerbaijan pancake, with an endless variety of fillings from vegetables,
    cheese, and meats. Served with a side of yogurt or sauce and resembles a thick Indian parata.
  4. Dolma
    This dish is simply magnificent, the options are limitless. The essence of this dish is to prepare a
    filling that consists of rice, minced beef and greens; then stuff any type of vegetable imaginable. No wonder it’s a nationwide favorite dish.
  5.  Dushbara
    This delicious Azeri speciality is practically small meet filled dumplings that resemble a Japanese
    gyoza. However in Azerbaijan, it is served in a bed of vegetable broth.
  6. Lavash Turshu
    You will find this delicacy from vendors on roadsides. It is made of fruit that is cooked with salt and vinegar and turned into a form of jam that is spread into the shape of pancakes or strips to dry out in the sun and will be ready for consumption.