The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

In This Museum You’ll Find A Complete And Extensive Collection Of Egyptian Artifacts. Take A Tour In The Popular Mummy Room And Look At All The Treasures That Were Dug Up From Tutankhamun’s Tomb.

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

 Indulge Your Senses In The World’s Largest Collection Of Paintings. This Museum Is Known For Covering The History Of The World From The Stone Age To Present Times, And Has Very Impressive Golden Rooms With Their Golden Gems.

Prado, Madrid

 This Famous Spanish Museum Contains Numerous Sculptures And Drawings Of Different Artists And Origins. Naturally, The Works Of Spanish Artists Goya, El Greco And Velazquez Masterpieces Like Las Meninas.

National Archaeological Museum, Athens

 This Is The Place To Be If You Are A Fan Of The Masterpieces Of Ancient Greece. Its Unrivaled Collection Includes A Bronze Artemision Podeidon From The 5th Century B.C.

War Remnants Museum, Vietnam

 The War Remnants Museum Is A War Museum At 28 Vo Van Tan, In District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It Contains Exhibits Relating To The Vietnam War And The First Indochina War Involving The French Colonialists.

Tokugawa Art Museum , Japan

The Tokugawa Art Museum Is The Only Museum Of Its Kind In Japan, With A Large Collection Of Treasures And Artwork Inherited By The Family Of The Daimyō Class In The Late Edo Period. It Can Furnish Answers To The Questions, “What Kinds Of Items Were Used In A Daimyō Household?” And “What Was A Daimyō In The Late Edo Period Really Like?”