Books can magically transfer you to a whole new world, travel books in particular. Even the longest train ride can pass you by in a wink if you carry the right books. Here is a list of 8 great travel books that can give you a quick virtual vacation, inspire you to set out on your next expedition or make a great companion for you while you travel.


  1. Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert:

This book’s popularity increased further after the film adaptation of the book under the same name. Travel can be healing and it allows you to meet new people and reshape your life. This is the essence of this ‘feel-good’ novel which was in the list of The New York Times bestsellers for months together. Elizabeth Gilbert had all that a woman in her thirties would want- a beautiful family and a successful career. But she constantly felt something missing and set out to explore. Read the book to find how Italy, India, and Bali touched her souls and changed her life forever.


  1. The Great Railway Bazaar- Paul Theroux:

It has been decades since this book was first published. But it still is popular among avid travelers. This travelogue is a documentation of the author’s 4 months long train journey covering several areas in Europe and Asia. The popular trains in Asia are the prime characters in this book as that is how well Theroux talks about them. A sprinkle of humor, a generous splash of entertainment describing his enlightenment from the journey, iced finally with the entrancing words of Theroux and you get this classic!


  1. A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail- Bill Bryson:

If you are an avid backpacker this book is sure to impress you. Bryson’s unique style of writing and his sense of humor make the book a good read on the whole. The book talks about how Bryson and his friend, Stephen Katz, set out hiking the Appalachian Trail. He talks about the difficulties they face, the people they meet and the one-of-a-kind hike he has. His rendition style is sure to transport you to the woods.


  1. Take Me with You: Catherine Ryan Hyde:

This touching story emphasizes the magic in a father-son relationship. August Shroeder, a teacher, was an avid traveler. He and his son Philip had made their plans of traveling to Yellowstone. But fate plays the villain and with his 19-year-old son now no more, the teacher still sets out on his journey carrying Philip’s ashes with him. The new people that the journey gives him in his life and the way their destinies change is what the book is all about.


  1. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail- Cheryl Strayed:

Another one for the hikers. Her mother’s demise, a broken marriage all when she was in her twenties, leaves Cheryl Strayed feeling lost. She sets out on a 1000 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail without prior hiking experience. How she captures the wild all by herself is the story sketched by Strayed in this book.


  1. A Sense of the World: How a Blind man became History’s Greatest Traveler- Jason Roberts:

This biographical book vividly talks about how visually challenged James Holman traveled the world. It is the perfect blend of history, adventure, and inspiration. Holman’s love to fight his fears and take risks has been portrayed in an inspiring fashion in this book.


  1. The Secret Life of Backpackers- Barry Divola:

If you are a backpacker or if you wish to see places through the eyes of a backpacker, then you must read this book. To understand what it is like to be a backpacker, Divola sets out to be one and sets out on a hiking trail with a group of trained hikers. All that he experiences later on and how different his own country appears to a backpacker is all narrated beautifully.


  1. Vagabonding: An uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel- Rolf Potts:

This is one book to convert you instantly to a vagabond. Taking a break, not just for days but for weeks or months or even a year can magically transform you. If you are planning to travel the world all by yourself, this is one book that can provide you all the information and inspiration you would need.

There’s a whole lot that can be said to inspire one to travel, but reading is a different experience. If you’re looking to pack your bags and experience an adventure, book your tickets with Cozmo Travel. After all, it’s in your travels and tours that you rediscover yourself. For more blogs to inspire you to travel, click here.