The continuously developing global coronavirus pandemic pushes people to forced self-isolation and social distancing. This has inspired companies to have their employees to work from home to themselves afloat and relevant. The big technology companies, or the “BigTechs”, such as Google, Apple or Facebook have already embraced this practice and has encourages their staff to work remotely and stay away from their respective offices. Virtual meetings have become a standard for employees working from home. Here are some etiquettes to follow on a video conference meeting.

Have an Agenda

This is an official meeting 101. Always have an agenda and set of objectives to get through for the meeting. DO NOT schedule a meeting if there is no objective to achieve. It is unproductive and a waste of time for everyone involved. They do not have to be to be long and overly detailed. A brief outline of what topics are going to covered during the meeting will be good enough and must be shared to the team prior to the meeting.

Dress Appropriately

It is a formal meeting with your team-mates and the boss. Dress to the occasion. Nothing is more irritating than a faded pajama with curry stains from the Mutton Kurma you have been cooking for lunch.

Report your Absence

Let your Boss, team leader or person leading the meeting know before if you are going to be absent or are running late. This can save them time and avoid small talk. Call, email or text them, whichever seems appropriate considering the situation.

Be Prepared

It is bad conference etiquette to be called on a meeting and be unprepared. Have notes ready on your side or on your phone next to you and bookmark anything you need to reference and clear your desktop of unnecessary files instead of coming online and fumbling through your files. Just because it is virtual meeting it does not you don’t have to prepare for the meeting.

Choose a Quiet Location

Always choose a quiet location to attend your meeting. Its easy to forget that there is your mic will not only pick up your noise, but also the ambient noise in your surroundings. If you live on a busy street, if your meeting coincides with trash pickup, if you live next to a preschool, choose a different room to take the meeting.

Avoid Distractions

There’s nothing ruder and more frustrating to the participants than one person in the meeting being preoccupied with something else such as social media, their phones or pets. Put your pets in a different room where they cannot disrupt the meeting and put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” during the meeting.