Our beautiful mother earth already has many naturally formed breath taking wonders. There is absolutely no short of nature’s beauty here but then there are many man made landforms which are visually so magnificent that you will find it hard to believe it is man’s creation.

Here is our list of top 8 absolutely stunning man-made landforms which will help in proving that people with an artistic mind, are capable of creating unbelievable formations in this world-

  1. Longji Rice Terrace, China

Longji means Dragon’s backbone. This is one of the most visually appealing landforms to be ever created. The level of creativity is extreme among the Chinese as this isn’t the only other landform to make the list! You will understand as you read more. The construction of the terraces began in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and was completed only by the year 1911. This piece of man-made land-form is a result of the profound wisdom and strenuous labour of the Zhuang people.


  1. Palm Island, Dubai

Probably one of the most organised landform of all times, the Palm Islands are two artificial islands, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali on the coast of Dubai. This artificially created landform was created in the year 2005. The islands were built using 7 million tonnes of rock. The landform was built with the intention to increase the sea life. UAE later made the landform accessible for public.


  1. Big hole, South Africa

What initially started off as a diamond mine is now a massive crater filled with water. It is about 214 meters deep and a perimeter of a little more than 1.5 km. So, the story of this particular landform began in 1888 when a company called De Beers started diamond mining process in the area. Few years later realised they realised the true beauty of it and no, we are not talking about the diamonds! De beers still have the site rights for the landform and is trying to register the Big Hole as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The land-form now has an entrance fee, a small museum and a viewing deck overlooking it.


  1. Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, China

Clearly, the Chinese weren’t happy with just one Rice Terrace landform, they just had to amaze us with one more! This Landform lasts for than 1200 years. The terraces have a different appeal for different seasons. Between the months of November to March, the terrace fields will be filled with water. When the sunlight shines on the water, this man made landform looks amazing. Between the months of April to September, there will be green paddy rice all over the landform. And by the time it is late September and early October, the rice fields ripe and turns yellow. These visual shifts in the landform is most often perceived in a symbolic way by the locals; often associating it with human emotions and moods.

Doesn’t it look like an artwork rather than a human made landform? Who would have known!


  1. Lake Piva, Montenegro

This landform is a creation of the Mratinje Damn and the Piva River. Lake Piva has now become the face of Montenegro tourism and it dominates the heart of Piva River. Spread over 45 kilometres, this magnificent landform is the highest elevated reservoir of fresh water ever to be found. Amazing isn’t it?