This one is for the adrenaline junkie in you. Nothing burns into your memory more than
indulging in some extreme activities yourself. By extreme, we mean adrenaline-racing, facing
your fears, coming out of your comfort bubble kind off craziness and these may vary from
person to person. We are going to list out 5 of the best, according to us, destinations with
Extreme or Adventure sports activities.

1. Mountain Climbing in Nepal

When it comes to mountain climbing, no other country can beat this nation in the Himalayan
Ranges. It is home to the highest mountain peak in the world, Mt. Everest. In addition, Nepal
has various other climbing spots other than the highest peak. The other adventure activities
include trekking over the Annapurna, enjoying wildlife safaris, paragliding and river rafting.

2. Heli-skiing in Alaska

Heli-skiing is those of you who would like a little more extreme than skiing. Heli-skiing is the
stuff of Bond movies and high-octane adrenaline junkies. It's basically jumping off an airborne
helicopter onto otherwise inaccessible mountain slope covered in snow. It is banned in Europe
but is still available in Alaska, New Zealand and Canada. The best of the last remaining spots are
in Chugach Mountains, Alaska, hence the reason of being included here.

3. White-water Rafting in Croatia

Croatia is World's No. 1 for white-water rafting. Its rivers offer Grade 3 and Grade 4 kayaking
and rafting experiences. The rides will take you through the virgin forests of Croatia. Make sure
to take a plunge into the necropolis of shippingvesselsin the Adriatic Sea. You can also climb the
cliffs made of limestone or check over 1,200 small islands.

4. Volcano Boarding or Surfing in Nicaragua

Volcano Boarding is when you put on heat-resistant zip-up suit and hike and surf down the side
of an active-volcano. Boarders can move at speeds at up to 90kmph using their feet to break
and avoided the jagged volcanic edges. It is no longer enough to just get to close to the rim of a
volcano, or ride a helicopter over it or even admire the glow of molten lava during the night.

5. Freshwater Cave Diving in Mexico

Deep sea diving, of course, is a league of its own. But freshwater cave diving, like the one in
Mexico comes with its own sights and dangers that you will not come up in an ocean. Cave
diving is considered as one of the last remaining barriers of earth exploration. It is also one of
the greatest stresses you can put your body through and requires a lot of experience, and often
some self-designed technology, to allow access to these new previously-unexplored areas. The
best place to get a taste of such an experience as a beginner is in the Yucatan Peninsula. Make
sure you pack your GoPro when you go.