It is the end of the year and a time to look back in retrospect. Let us look at the what cities dominated the travel scene in 2019 based on the number of arrivals.

1.  Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has topped this list for the 2nd year in a row with an undisputed 26.7M visitors, despite being in the news for the wrong reasons over the last year. Most sought after place in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak, situated on the western half of the island. Also known as Mt. Austin, it is the highest hill on the Hong Kong Island.

2.  Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is also fascinating thanks to the various ornate shrines and palaces with historic significance. Like any other capital city, Bangkok has a very active nightlife scene as well. It is a true tourists’ paradise proven by 25.84M visitors in 2019. A must-visit spot is the Wat Pho temple which has the massive golden statue of the Buddha.

3.  Macau, China

Macau is also called the Las Vegas of the East for being a large party hub and the numerous casinos. The city has welcomed more than 20.6M visitors in 2019. The most iconic destination here is the Ruins of Saint Paul’s. Built in the 16th century by the Portuguese and reflects the influence of Christianity in the history of China.

4.  Singapore

Singapore posted a 19.8M arrivals in 2019 and is famous for its clean streets and skyscrapers.  Furthermore, the city-state also features various lush-green scenery, cultural festivals and Islands. The place has evolved to be a merging point for food lovers, explorers, thrill-seekers, etc. The Marina Bay is the most sought after location and represents everything modern about the city. It is also currently the home of Singapore’s National Icon, the Statue of Merlion, in the Merlion Park.

5.  London, UK

The British capital has dropped two places to be at this spot due owing to the uncertainty resulting from Brexit issue and finished at 19.55M arrivals in 2019. London is the oldest cities in the world is where everything from history, art, fashion and food come together.

The most distinct icon in London is the Tower of London and is located on the north bank of the river Thames in central London.