What can beat an all girls’ trip right? A week away from all the hectic schedules, work and the creepy DMs to catch-up with your girlfriends. Sounds like fun right?

Then here are a few destinations and ideas for you to choose from, gurl!

1.     The Cool & Crazy Tokyo

If you have not been Tokyo, it should be on the top of your list due to many reasons. The city is constantly buzzing with energy and is fun spot for shopping, grab adorable photo booth shots, and eat amazing food while learning about a totally unique culture.

2.     The Style and oomph of Paris

Paris is best loved by cultural connoisseurs, according to the cosmopolitan magazine. This city that is situated on the banks of river Seine, is where you go to soak in art, fashion and some of the world’s best food and wine. There is a reason why it is called the fashion capital of the world.

3.     Beaches of Riviera Maya, Mexico

Mexico has some of the most famous beaches in the world. I mean who doesn’t love hitting a beach in our bikinis and grab some cute photos for the ‘gram. Riviera Maya is a perfect spot for exactly that on the north-eastern coastline of Mexico.

4.     The Beautiful Bentota in Sri Lanka

It may seem as an odd location, but first hear me out gurl! Bentota is located between Galle and Colombo and is a popular tourist town just an easy train ride from central Colombo. I hear morning is the best time if you want to just sit, chill and unwind with a tender coconut in your hands and the colours in the sky are simply magical at this time.

5.     Iceland, for the whimsical wanderers

The sun literally never sets in the country’s capital during the summer months, which means just one thing – you can wander the city literally all night long. If you are into natural phenomena, you can watch the enjoy the scintillating Northern Lights. Or if you are feeling a little adventurous,  then head to the famous Blue Lagoon.

6.     Croatia, the heaven for foodies

Croatia is a hidden treasure in the Eastern Europe and has incredibly diverse regions. Explore the local vineyards for wine tastings, then go truffle hunting for an ultra-local treat. It is slightly off-the-beaten track destination in Europe and also cheaper than the countries in Western Europe. Its turquoise waters will enchant you, its nightlife will intoxicate you and ladies, you’ve never seen such beautiful men in your life!

7.     The Adventurous Amalfi Coast of Italy

Amalfi Coast is a 50km stretch along the southern edge of Italy. The James Bond-esque location in Europe features sheer cliffs that dart sharply into the Mediterranean and is lined with Instagramable towns such as Sorrento and Positano. The famous Mt. Vesuvius is also close by.

8.     Montreal, Largest City in Canada

First of all, the airport itself is named Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport—who doesn’t want to start off their vacay with a bit of Trudeau?! It is a juxtaposition of the familiar sounds of English intermingle with the sexy sounds of French. It is also comparatively light on your pocket as well.

9.     Miami, Florida – The Partying Capital of the World!

This American city is famous locally for the Spring Breaks when college students from around the States visit to hit the beaches or party at the night clubs. Hit South Beach during the day and then dance the night away at any of the legendary nightclubs, where you may even spot some of elite class from Hollywood movies.

10.   New York City – The City that never sleeps!

Of course this city is not complete without NYC. From world-class theatres, galleries, and museums to an epic nightlife, New York City is the perfect destination for a girls’ trip. Just like Paris, it is a perfect combination of art, music, history, picturesque spots and nig