Air Fare by itself, forms a major chunk of the travel expenses. If booked without doing a little homework, it can burn a hole in the pocket. Even though the rates fluctuate and a little bit of luck is involved, you can reduce the amount you spend on your flight considerably if you keep these simple things in mind. Here are some tips to save money on air fare:

  1. Most people travel when the schools shut for summer vacations. So naturally, due to the increase in demand, the air fares shoot up. If possible, plan your vacation in the off season. Not only will this considerably drop the price you pay for travel and stay, the places will also be less crowded, ensuring that local people and guides give you more time and attention.



  1. Book your tickets in advance. Ticket prices are the highest 8 to 10 and 2 to 3 weeks before the scheduled day. 4-5 weeks before is an ideal time to book your tickets. Airlines declare offers around 30 days prior.
  1. Keep your departure and arrival dates flexible. Using the +/- 3 days option while booking flights would generally get you a cheaper deal than having a fixed day of departure and arrival.
  2. Check other airports nearby. Chances are that certain fares maybe considerably cheaper from another airport. A little detour to save on big bucks is always a good idea.
  3. Ticket rates are generally higher on weekends if you are flying to a tourist destination such as Dubai. The opposite is true for destinations popular for business or trade. If possible fly to tourist destinations on a weekday and to business destinations on a weekend.



  1. Ticket rates are generally cheaper if booked in the middle of the week – Tuesday to Thursday as these days are least likely to generate sales.
  2. Ticket rates vary greatly from airline to airline. Do a little research to find an airline that charges the least. Most airlines charge extra for the varied on board services that they offer. Read carefully, lest you end up spending on unnecessary facilities.
  3. Direct flights are more expensive than the ones with layovers. So if you want to cut down on expenses as a priority choose flights with stops.



  1. It is usually a tempting option to select a return journey while booking tickets. Spend a little time exploring options though. At times booking separate tickets turns out to be a better deal.
  2. Sign up for alerts. Yes, it does get pretty annoying to receive a truckload of junk in our mail every day, but is advisable to sign up for price rate alerts to avail any offers during the period you wish to travel.
  3. Prices of food in flights may come as quite a shock, especially on the long distance flights. Carry your own snacks and save the money for something more worthwhile in your trip!



  1. Pets on Board. In case you are taking your poodles or pugs (or any breed for that matter) along, and are not very comfortable with them being left in the animal cells reserved for pets on board, you would have to pay quite a sum to be allowed to have them with you. Check with the airline’s policy beforehand. Some flights charge up to $225 for having pets on board!
  2. Overweight baggage. Pack only what is necessary unless you wish to pay extra charges for overweight baggage.
  3. Check with the airline what their policy is for carry-on baggage. Airlines usually have their own terms and conditions with respect to the dimensions of the bag, the weight and the number of items allowed to be carried.



  1. Wi-Fi Fees. Except for the airlines which are in their nascent stages, like JetBlue, most airline charge more for the Fly-Fi services that they provide. If you are tight on budget, reconsider if you really need Wi-Fi or can do without it.
  2. A considerable amount is charged to postpone or change the flight tickets. Therefore, be sure of taking all variables into consideration before booking tickets.


With a little patience and effort, it isn’t difficult to bag an excellent deal for your flight tickets. Plan in advance and have an amazing vacation without depleting your bank balances. No trip needs to be an extravagant spending spree, it can be tailor made to suit your pocket – whatever size it is! Visit cozmo travel for some amazing deals! For more exciting blogs click here.