Ramadan 2020 will be unlike any other because of the deadly pandemic and the social distancing imposed upon us. This year’s Ramadan, for millions of practicing Muslims is uncharted territory. Ramadan traditionally is spent visiting mosques with fellow worshippers, reconnecting and bonding with family and friends. But social distancing rules is affecting many aspects of this beautiful month, while essence of Ramadan is going to remain the same. Here are some tips for celebrating Ramadan.

1. Make most of your time at home: Since you are spending most of your time, if not all, at home you have more time at your disposal. Take every opportunity you have when you are not working to read the Quran.

2. Don’t miss out on the voluntary Taraweeh prayer: If social distancing is still imposed in your area and you are not able to visit the mosque, it is important to follow the rules. Hold prayers at home with your family members only and maintain the spiritual aspect of the month.

3. Connect with family: Family and togetherness is one of the main aspects of Ramadan. Even when you can’t see your family and relatives face to face, make use of technology to strengthen those bonds.4. Donate to Charity: Options for offering alms or donating to charity will always remain. The UAE government has launched the #10MillionMeals initiative by tying up with the Social Solidarity Fund Against Covid-19 to provide to the less fortunate and is inviting the public to donate.5. Do not panic about fasting: So far, there has not been any study to prove that fasting makes you more susceptible to the virus. If you are not already infected by the virus or ailing from any other sickness, you are obligated to fast. Having said that, it is important to make sure you get enough calories during the hours you can eat. It is recommended to eat a variety of food such as food, including lots of different colored vegetables, fruits, pulses and legumes.