The bright sun overhead, a gentle breeze flowing towards you, a glass of cool lemonade on the table and the blue sea till your eyes can see. On the other hand, a 4 by 4 cubicle, excel sheet filled laptop screen in front, boss screaming at you. Well, the earlier picture is what you want and the latter is what you need. Everyone would love to relax on the beach, take a breather and have a vacation 24*7. However, everything has a price, and to pay the price you have to first earn enough.



All said and done about how anyone would prefer one over the other, you can balance both your wants and needs. You can take enough time from your work and travel the world even on a short budget. Here are some pointers for those travel hungry workaholics.

  1. Planning ahead:

Plan everything ahead. Your travel itinerary has to be completely locked. Mark your calendar according to all the holidays that you have; both the unofficial holidays and the Scheduled Leaves according to your office. Think, research, collate your information and plan your small vacation.



  1. Budget:

How much money? What is the cost of the ticket? Which souvenir do I buy? Where do I eat? When do I travel? Think about all of these things when you plan. Money is not an important factor, now that you have a job, but you don’t want to spend without the necessity of it. So it’s better to stay within a certain limit.

Travel planning


  1. Holidays:

Weekends are the best time to travel. Just pack a bag, catch a vehicle and say a temporary goodbye to your work life. The only thing however, is that you will have to travel to some place that is in the proximity of your area. A small escape, but completely worth it. Besides these, there are always the usual holidays, Christmas holidays, New Year, and the amount of Scheduled Leaves available through your company. If you could and your boss is nice enough, you could also put an extended holiday and travel a little more.



  1. Work trips:

This is the best way to exploit the opportunities at your workplace. Whenever you are going on an official trip, try to fit in your traveling wants into the work itinerary. Or you could just take a random walk after your work is done. Just explore the area.



  1. Have a travel buddy:

Solo trips are fun. You will detach from lot of things on your own, have your own comfortable time. But traveling with a companion is also a fun affair. It could be one person or a group of people. You will not only have a good time, but also, it will be lighter on your wallet. But, always travel with someone you are comfortable with. You comfort matters here.



Without a balance, everything will go haywire. That is a known fact. And to satisfy our wants, we need to earn enough money in today’s scenario. So why not balance it in the simplest manner, rather than complicating your one life by not balancing both your professional and personal life? It’s only a matter of finding that sweet spot.

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