“Travel is the only thing that you spend on and get richer.”
However clichéd, this statement couldn’t ring more truth. Unless you spent your travel time pouting for selfies, and walked with your earphones on as you checked your phone for the number of likes, you would agree too. Travel broadens your horizons, fills you with so many different experiences that you are no longer the same person that you were when you left.

Here are a few life lessons travel teaches you that you would probably learn about the world, life and yourself when you travel:

1) Every day counts
When you are out and travelling, every single day will be so much different from the other. You will see so many things, meet so many people that you will be surprised as to how much can be accomplished in just a single day. Then when you compare it with any normal day back home, where the same things follow day in and day out, you’ll realize what a major change a single day can make in your life and be inspired to make the most of your time. Travel is more didactic, and teaches you quite a few life lessons!

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2) Being rigid ain’t so cool
When you travel, you leave your comfort zone behind you. You constantly have to encounter different situations, different people, places, things and different kind of food to name a few. You are far away from the sense of familiarity home and routine have to offer. Adjustment is the only key to survival when you travel, and being flexible and adjusting is probably one of the most important life lessons you take back home with you.


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3) Money is overrated
Yes, no one can deny that money has its own intoxicating sweetness that gets you high. But real life doesn’t exist just in being high. When you travel, you’ll realize that having a good time doesn’t necessarily cost a bomb. The most memorable take-aways from the travel would probably be random ones like a deep conversation with someone you meet in the train, a day you spent exploring the streets, the picturesque sunset at the beach, the devilish hike you accomplished or the first snowfall you experienced…well they are all for free! Some important life lessons here!


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4) Reading with introspective glasses on
As you travel away from the daily hustle bustle and the electronic buzz into the quiet nothingness of the journey in the plane or bus, you have the rare alone time that you otherwise seldom get. As you relax and stare out of the window, you might just surprise yourself by the revelation you get as you reflect upon life. Travel has its subtle ways of teaching priceless life lessons.


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5) Rekindling curiosity
As you travel to an unfamiliar land, surrounded with strange customs and traditions, unknown practices and languages, it does wonders to your mind, that has shut itself as you go through life in robot mode – it opens up. You become childlike and are filled with curiosity as you soak up the new things that surround you. Chances are that you carry these windows that opened during the travel, back home as life lessons.


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6) Guidebooks and internet do not know it all
If you have chalked out your travel itinerary based on must-visits and to-dos mentioned in the travel guides and off the internet, you’d realize that the tiny little café down the empty street you had the best lunch at, wasn’t mentioned online. Or the secret little trail you bumped into wasn’t mentioned on the trail map and that little photographic scene in the mountains was sadly hidden to the rest of the world too. The best travels are into the unknown and are unplanned. These are some priceless life lessons a workaholic can take home with him.


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7) Taking Chances
As you travel and stare at the motor boat gearing to leave with nervous first timers about to attempt scuba diving, or the glider set up the sails and wait for the perfect moment to leave land and soar in the sky you can’t help but learn to let go of fear and take the plunge and go for it all in. It is always now or never, and travel can teach you those life lessons.


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8) People are people everywhere you go
Even the best of us are guilty of having prejudices against the strangers in a strange land. As you travel though, you realize that people are people everywhere you go. They are made of the same bones, fears, emotions and insecurities as yourself. And above all, the more you travel, the more you will be convinced that goodness exists in every nook and corner of the world. What better way to imbibe the life lessons?


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9) You can never have seen too much
Travelling is like knowledge. The more you travel, the more you realize how much you haven’t. It fills you up with a humbling feeling as to what a little place you have in the universe and there is yet so much that you need to learn. And that is never a bad feeling, is it?


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10) Home is home after all
Even if you have been complaining about the roof leaking, the sofa that creaks, the kitchen being too small or any of that, there are going to be quite a few times when you are out travelling and you miss home. You miss the familiarity of your pillow, you miss the food you cook and that’s when you realize, home is home and you want to get back to it. Travel teaches you that you are in a good place where you are, and that is one of the best life lessons you can take home.


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