While everyone talks about wanderlusts and the next big travel destination, realistically it is very difficult to plan a trip these days thanks to a competitive lifestyle. Every trip has a purpose of its own. Depending on the purpose of your trip, there are different kinds of travel. One experiences more than one kind of travel throughout their lifetime.

One’s travel does not necessarily have to be measured in terms of a good or bad trip. Depending on the purpose of travel, here is a list of 8 kinds of travel with which you can associate yourself:

  1. The Weekender

You wish you had time to travel the world but your work is getting in the way? The weekend getaway would be a perfect trip for you! Leave early from work on a Friday evening, take a trip and return back on Sunday night or Monday early morning. You can travel regionally, travel locally or even make an international trip to places like Doha.


  1. The Formal travel

Sometimes your work is such that it requires you to make a trip to different locations and travel to meet clients or sales related work. The best thing about such a trip is that the company bears all the trip expense right from your travel medium to hotels. While some might argue that the trip is purely for work, don’t you think it is better than just sitting in a cubicle? Besides, if time permits you can get the opportunity to explore the place after work or at least try out different cuisines. Sometimes, a travel worth exploring.


  1. Road trips

This is one of the most budget friendly trips you could be a part of. Whether you take out your car or your motor bike, a road trip with family and friends is the best trip you can ever plan out. Filled with memories, exploration and adventure it is a great stress buster of a trip. This will also be the most child and pet friendly trips.


  1. Family trips

One has to make a family trip at least once a year, especially if there is a wedding or function awaiting or just a family getaway at some location just for everyone to spend quality time together. These holiday trips are most often a packaged and well planned trip. These trips are also very kid centric and hence beach vacations are a favorite to travel to!


  1. Event Trip

These kinds of trips are purely planned out to cover certain events. It could be travelling to watching your favorite cricket match or to attend music concerts. Through such trips you will meet a lot of people who share the same interest as you. An event trip is usually planned out with friends or for the lone travellers. The tickets are pre-booked and often the trip lasts for 3-4 days.



  1. Visits

These trips are made when a friend or family staying away invites you for a vacation. Usually in such cases your stay is looked after and so are your travel expenses. These trips are longer in terms of duration and it gives you the advantage of experiencing the culture of the place. It is a great way to bond with distant relatives and friends on such kinds of travel.



  1. Activity and adventure

These holidays are for those who love some adrenaline rush on their travel. This involves all outdoor activities like camping, hiking, ski vacations etc. You need to be terribly sporty to enjoy these ventures on your travel. It can be physically very demanding and dangerous but totally worth a shot. It is also a nature loving experience. Exploration filled with adventure kind of a trip.



  1. Luxury travel

Some prefer the finer things in life, even on a trip. So they work hard and save up to enjoy these many luxuries in life and travel experiences. If you are the person who spares no expense, then you should definitely enjoy a luxury holiday with the finest and exclusive itinerary. Just save up money and holidays to splurge for the trip of their lifetime.