Does it not strike you that a small desert town next to the sea with just 20,000 people in the early part of the 20th century, is now the hub of trade, tourism, fashion and thriving enterprises.

We’re talking about Dubai. Known by many monikers such as the ‘City of Gold’ or ‘The City of Superlatives’, when we look at Dubai, we not only see a multicultural society, we also witness a strong inclination towards the traditional. As trade improved, so did the number of people visiting Dubai and as the number of people increased, Dubai metamorphosed into an iconic tourist destination, that was all set to provide a world class and sensational experience to every traveler stepping on the Arab shores. In every way Dubai is a truly cosmopolitan city. When people talk about popular places like Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and Paris, Dubai is also a definite addition on the list. The reason is simply because Dubai is a place of tolerance, a celebration of diversity, and it is very much a high-quality destination to live and work.

Without further ado Cozmo Travel presents our list of ten places that travelers will need to visit when they are in Dubai.

A Tall Wonder – The Burj KhalifaOne of the world’s tallest structures is certainly impossible to miss from the moment you land in Dubai. Soaring above the city like a giant needle-shaped spacecraft, it really is a wonder of modern technology and design. The opportunity to view the city from the observation deck on the 134th floor is not to be missed, and day or night the view is truly spectacular.

Massively Modern – The Dubai MallDubai is famous for its shopping malls, but this mall has to be witnessed in all its splendour. The Dubai Mall is a gargantuan ode to modern lifestyle. With a 22-screen cinema; an indoor theme park, Sega World; a world for children, called Kidzania; a giant Aquarium with an underwater zoo; and a full-sized ice rink the mall promises to be a memorable experience. Just be sure to be wearing comfortable shoes. The topping on this treat is the Dubai Fountain, which has shows every evening.

Hitting The Slopes – Skiing at the Mall of the EmiratesTelling your friends that you went skiing in the desert is quite a boast, but Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates offers a genuine ski experience, with a run of around 1,300 feet. You can rent all the ski gear you need, and there are plenty of lockers.

Promenade Extravagance – Hang out at the WalkThe largest single-phase residential construction in the world is the Jumeirah Beach Walk, locally known as JBR. It consists of a wall of 36 towers along the beach-front in the Dubai Marina. Along the front of the JBR is a lovely, wide promenade flanked on one side by shops, cafes and restaurants and on the other by a single-lane road. This is the ideal spot to enjoy a leisurely meal while spotting some beautiful cars along the promenade.

Japanese Dining Finesse – ZumaEveryone wants to know where to go for that special meal when they are in Dubai. You won’t be short of options; nearly every conceivable cuisine is available in a variety of price ranges. Why not a special night out for that special occasion, a top recommendation would be Zuma, a Japanese restaurant with a vibrant bar and lounge area. The open kitchen and excellent staff ensure a memorable dining experience.

Unlimited Entertainment – Atlantis, The Lost CityThe Atlantis Hotel is located at the top of the Palm and is a sensational landmark as you drive down the central stem in Dubai. The Atlantis is a five-star hotel resort hosting numerous restaurants and a nightclub. There is also a world-class water park, called Aquaventure, where the ‘Leap of Faith’ is surely an exhilarating experience. You can meet dolphins up close and personal and, for the kids, there is fantastic children’s play area and a man-made beach to relax on. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is also a must visit.

Friday BrunchWeekends in Dubai start on Thursday nights, and it has almost become a tradition for restaurants to put on an all-you-can-eat-and-drink brunch at Friday lunchtime. The various establishments battle for which can put on display the most elaborate array of dishes and beverages, and the choices can at times surprise you.

Traditional Dubai – Day TripsThere are numerous tour companies who will collect you from your hotel and take you out for a tour in the desert, a camel ride and a traditional Arabic meal with a belly dancer. This can be a little formulaic, but provides an accessible display of traditional Bedouin life. If you’’re more adventurous, rent a 4×4 and bring a copy of the UAE Off-Road Explorer and you’’ll be bathing in the natural rock pools of Hatta in under an hour or splashing around at Wadi Wurrayah, home of the UAE’s only natural waterfall.

Gold Everywhere – ‘Old’ Gold Souk   Purchasing gold in the old Gold Souk in Dubai is an experience that is unforgettable. Walking around the Gold Souk will allow you to witness large window displays of gold on a scale rarely seen anywhere else in the world. You will be pleasantly surprised when you are left alone to browse a whole tray full of solid gold bracelets or necklaces. Make sure to bargain, and don’t encourage street vendors trying to sell you bags and watches!

Seven Star Masterpiece – Burj Al ArabThe Burj Al Arab is perfection personified when hotels are considered and is a seven-star hotel along with being an icon for Dubai and its luxurious setting. The Burj Al Arab has a lure and is on the recommend list of many Dubai residents. From the aquariums that flank the escalator to the underwater seafood restaurant or the exotic glass elevator, it is all eye candy for new visitors. Definitely stop in for high tea or cocktails in the Skyview Bar or experience the old Dubai’s Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim neighborhoods from your vantage point at the Burj Al Arab and see a tantalizing glimpse into to the Dubai prior to the impact of modernization. If after that heady view you are keen to get wet, then the excellent water park, called Wild Wadi, is just a moment’s walk from the hotel.

Whether you’re looking for an exotic honeymoon location, a shopping hotspot, or simply to absorb Arabic luxury for a few weeks, consider visiting Dubai.

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