“Battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; with longer ways to go, the road is life no matter what!”

Road trips are the most illuminating form of travel where there is plenty to be learnt, a bevy of experiences that help you in your journey of self-discovery. Road trips helps you step out of the comfort zone created for you. There are some foreign countries that are just a road trip from India and we have listed them for you:


Nepal is a completely swoon worthy, beautiful and blessed country with nature’s choicest attractions. The country remarkably boasts of historical and cultural attractions. From Pashupatinath temple to Pokhra valley, one can never be bored while visiting Nepal. A road trip is going to be really amazing as the country is loaded with beautiful landscapes along the way. The distance between Nepal and India is 1,162 KMS and travel time is close to 20 hours. And yes, you are allowed to drive on Indian license.


Source: masterhimalaya.com 


China is a land of large number of wonderful attractions which includes antique sites and relics with delicate water towns, wonderful natural scenarios, magnificent cultural heritage and diverse folk customs. The distance between India and China is close to four thousand kilometers, and travel time is approximately 83 hours. China allows to drive on Indian license and the best route to China from India would be through Nepal. The only problem you might face would be the independent travel pass which takes a really long time. But once you do get the pass, the travel is worth it!


Source: chinadaily.com.cn 



Malaysia is ranked 11th in world and 2nd in Southeast Asia for tourist arrivals. The distance between India and Malaysia is 5630 kms and the time taken to cover this distance on road is 90 hours and you are permitted to travel with Indian license. A friendly, culturally rich nation, Malaysia is a really lively city to take a road trip. While on the road, the amazing flavors of food will help you unwind yourself and relax.


Source: cdn01.vulcanpost.com 


Sri Lanka

For centuries now, Sri Lanka has seduced travelers with its mesmerizing beaches, forests and rich culture that strongly resonates with tourists. Sri Lanka is a complete package of extraordinary places to visit within its modest dimensions and boasts of natural environment and diversity. The distance between India and Sri Lanka is 3533 kms and the time taken to cover it would be close to 80 hours. With such excellent tourism comes the Sri Lankan cuisine which is an integral part of the culture. Being a small land, you will find everything enjoyable here!


SOURCE: www.adb.org 



A must-see place for all travelers who like Buddha and beaches, Myanmar is close to 3000Kms away from India and by road it takes 54 hours to cover the distance. The drive to Myanmar is a hectic task no doubt, but the country boasts thousands of Buddhist temples and pristine white beaches along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea.


Source: amazingindiablog.in




The attractions in Thailand are diverse and is ripe with opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. Packed with historic centres and cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, the place is bustling with tourism and travel. With the newly opened highway that has the tourists buzzing with interest, Thailand is the easiest place to have a fascinating holiday at exotic beaches and strong culture. The distance between India and Thailand is close to 4190Kms and the travel time would easily be 71 hours.


Source: imghtlak.mmtcdn.com

These absolutely epic road trips to other nations help you mark off countries from your bucket list without having to board a flight!

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