There is a shift in the seasons, a tilt of the axis and a drop in the temperature. Winters are one of the best seasons to travel, if you know where to go. Winter generally comes with a chain of holidays, there will be fewer travelers and the atmosphere would be just right for some of the best winter sports ever.

It is also a time to explore the various indoor cultures and darker days gives you the opportunity to see the northern lights. So to make it easy for you, we have listed six beautiful winter destinations that are absolutely gorgeous to visit.


Chicago, USA

This is a beautiful city with endless tourist attractions. Sadly, most tourists and travelers fail to see this city during winters. Chicago, famously known as the windy city, during winters it gradually transforms into a beautiful snow city. Take a stroll down to the Michigan Avenue, during winters, to check out the Michigan lights and most importantly the Lake Michigan partially freezes over, it’s a sight to behold and can inspire you to travel more often!




Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

During the winters, the Japanese macaques or snow monkeys in the Jigokudani Monkey Park, bathe in natural steaming hot springs. There is usually snow in this region from December to March, and the best timing to visit this place is January to February. Jigokudani, in which the park is located, means “hell valley” and is a common name for Japanese valleys with volcanic activity. Although the park is open all year round, the bathing monkeys in winter are particularly photogenic when the area is covered in snow.




Banff National Park, Canada

There is no doubt that winter in Canada is a season to be endured, but in Banff National Park it is a time of celebrations and activities. The major attraction for all travelers at this place is the Moraine Lake. Its waters are the most spectacular with a vivid shade of turquoise that changes its intensity in winter as the glaciers set. To make it even more beautiful, it is located close to 15km from Lake Louise, the lake’s crystal clear waters reflect the snowcapped valley of the ten peaks. It can and will take your breath away!




Gobi Desert, Mongolia

If you are looking for experiential travelling, then the Gobi Desert of Mongolia during winters is the best choice you’ll ever make. The place during winters is aspiring with stunning landscapes, natural beauty and unique opportunities to learn the rich culture of the place. During the Thousand Camel Festival, local camel herders take part in polo competitions and races.




Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Generally people assume Africa is a hot land, but the Atlas Mountains are nothing like the Africa you know. The Atlas Mountains is a fantastic place to visit during the winters. The day time temperatures go lower than 20 degrees with crisp clear sunny skies and mountains glistening with snow. Atlas Mountains has very few people on the trails but it gives some of the best trekking experience possible. If you want to enjoy the scenery, there is Ouirgane National Park and Azzaden Valley. The trails are very quiet and one of the best place to be around in winter.




Lapland, Finland

The beauty of Lapland is that no two months have the same season in this place. During the winters, the landscape is covered with snow and is engulfed in almost complete darkness. If you are big fan of the northern lights, Lapland is the perfect choice to observe them. By the end of December, the lakes in Lapland are frozen and you can capture the lights reflection on the lake.

Lapland, Finland



Winter is surely coming and with winter comes spectacular sights! If you are planning on a trip , click here to know some of the best travel hacks. Click here for more travel blogs.