With the scorching heat that has us all yearning for some cool wind, nothing says summer like sunny days spent on a raft in the pool or water-skiing across lake. Water sports such as surfing has become more and more famous with families off late. Listed below are some of the places famous for water sports. If you are a water sports enthusiasts, then these places would be a treat for your adrenaline. If you are not , but , you want a change of scenery then choose water sports over mountain climbing and other summer adventures. Here are a few places famous for water sports.

  1. Goa , India

Whether it is rafting, rowing or surfing, India houses some of the best water sports in the world. Goa is the most populated of all Indian places for water sports destination.  In Goa, you can choose from fishing to Jet skiing, Parasailing, Scuba diving or wind surfing. Ideal time for surfing in Goa would be between May and July. Wind surfing in Goa is extremely popular among tourists and locals. A number of beaches such as Bogmalo, Vagtor, and Baga etc. carry out this to attract visitors. Jet Skiing is popular in beaches like Aguada, Colva etc. Goa is also considered one of the hippiest tourist destination.


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  1. Andaman , India

There’s a trove of adventure water sports that are really fun and do not need you to know swimming. One of the best water activities in Andaman is the Banana Boat rides. These rides are splendidly fun and exhilarating. You can also opt for snorkeling if you want to see the underwater marine life and view the rarest of corals at the North Bay Island. There are also numerous Scuba diving centers and is one of the best water sports in Andaman.


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  1. Rishikesh , India

Rishikesh, famous for its river rafting, draws thousands of travelers every year from different parts of the world and renders them with an exhilarating opportunity to raft down the River Ganga. Tourists generally believe that it is a different and thrilling experience. Rafting amid the Rocky Mountains, the gentle blue water, the fresh natural woods and the waterfalls is what makes Rishikesh so beautiful. The best time for river rafting would be between April to September.


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  1. Port Louis , Mauritius

Mauritius is surrounded by spell-binding Blue Ocean. The seas are warm and tropical with plenty of multi colored fish jetting in and out of coral reefs. Sea kayaking is one of the most popular activities here and also swimming with the dolphins. The lagoons in Mauritius are gorgeous, crystal clear and protected, and Port Louis is a great place to catch some of the action.


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  1. Mykonos , Greece

Greece seems like an unlikely destination for water sports activities. However, Mykonos promises to thrill you with several hiking sports. Mykonos beach is for those who believe that going to the beach is more than just sunbathing. They offer a variety of water sports activities. Mykonos is also known as the Islands of Winds because it is ideal for kite surfing. The southern side of the Island is perfect for skiing, jet-skiing, wake boarding, parasailing and kayaking.


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  1. Miami , USA

Miami is known for its perfect weather that makes it popular amongst the tourists and locals too. Along with the perfect weather, the Miami water is ideal for several water sports activities. Miami is popular for its deep sea fishing, freshwater fishing, luxury yachts, speedboats, dining cruises.  Head to the coast for some jet skiing, parasailing, water skiing and more. But the best activities without doubt have to be snorkeling, wreck diving and scuba diving. The perfect weather makes it a place to enjoy water sports throughout the year.


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  1. Lake Tahoe , USA

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful scene to behold, with clear and calm waters that makes one wonder if they are perfect for water sports. But, you will be surprised that they are in fact perfect for water sports. This destination in Nevada has some of the best water sports for the enthusiasts.  From Kayak to paddling to jet and water ski, you have everything that shall make your summer exhilarating.


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  1. Brisbane , Australia

Brisbane is your chance to create some splash with a water sports adventure. You can dive deep below the surface or paddle just below the surface and look at the breathtaking sights while snorkeling or stay on top of the water and admire the beautiful blue sea.

Sailing and boating is a thrilling experience in the waters of the splendid Moreton Bay or the magnificent and open Pacific Ocean.


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