The sound of waterfalls, the enchanting beauty of the hills, breathtaking landscapes, alluring adventure spots and a heady mix of heritage-scenic beauty is what makes jungle resorts across the world must visit destinations for tourists.  Jungle resorts offer serene walks, boating, white water rafting, local game spotting along with angling, bird watching and visits to local archaeological sites.

Cristalino Lodge, Grosso, BrazilRanked as one of the best jungle lodges in the world, this eco-lodge is tucked within a private nature reserve on the banks of the Cristalino River, a tributary of the mighty Amazon river. The Cristalino Lodge is known for its upscale accommodations in rooms and bungalows that offer guests a wide range of comfortable and luxurious lodging options. This lodge is a favorite for bird enthusiasts, as visitors can explore both the waterways and the associated forest to spot a few of the 500 species of birds including macaws, parakeets, and parrots, as well as local animal species such as the white-nosed saki monkey. The lodge also boasts the highest canopy tower in the Amazon, where you can enjoy impressive views of the rainforest and the birds that soar above it. After dark, visitors can enjoy sipping caipirinha while gazing at the stars and listening to the calls of nocturnal animals. Guides lead river and land excursions, and cooking classes are available where visitors can learn the culinary tricks used to create the dishes served here.

Black Rock Lodge, Black Rock, BelizeThe Black Rock Lodge is located on the banks of the Macal River in Belize, and clings to a dramatic hillside just above the water rushing through Black Rock Canyon. The lodge is totally off-grid, with all the energy produced through solar and hydroelectric power, and the majority of food served is organically grown at the lodge. There are 13 cabins, all with hammock-slung balconies that offer awe-inspiring views, and its 242 acres are an outstanding spot for bird watching, with more than 200 species, including species of toucan, hawks, trogons, and kestrels. Visitors can also enjoy visiting the local caves, mountain biking and canoeing.

Pacuare Lodge, Pacuare, Costa RicaPacuare Lodge is in the heart of the tropical Caribbean jungle, tucked deep within a pristine, protected rainforest along the banks of the Pacuare River just north of the Talamanca Mountains. This region is home to an abundance of exotic wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, jaguars and a large variety of birds. The elevated thatched-roof bungalows, available in a range of sizes, are private and luxurious, and some even include a private pool. Some of the activities available including canyoning, rafting, horseback riding, and treks to a nearby swimming hole where travellers can bathe under a waterfall. Couples can take advantage of the candlelit romantic dinners offered at a table set high in the rainforest canopy or on the riverbank.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge, MalaysiaThe Sukau Rainforest Lodg in Borneo is surrounded by an incredibly biodiverse wildlife sanctuary, and it’s one of the only places on Earth inhabited by as many as 10 monkey species, including four that are local to Borneo, and the largest number of orangutans in Malaysia. The region’s forest area is also home to sun bears, leopards, Sumatran rhinos and Asian elephants. Built of local hardwood and interspersed with raised walkways, the lodge blends into the rainforest while remaining just removed enough from the surrounding jungle to make for a memorable guest experience. Travellers can step right from their rooms into the jungle on the elevated boardwalk, stopping to see wildlife that includes Bornean pygmy elephants, and tropical plants. Activities at the lodge include morning and afternoon cruises in small electric river boats to see the wildlife that congregates at the water’s edge; nature walks, and lectures by local guides. The Melapi restaurant serves international cuisine, while the Gecko Lounge offers wine, cocktails, tea and other beverages.

Sani Lodge, Yasuni National Park, EcuadorSani Lodge is run by the local kichwa-speaking Sani community, who worked dispersed among other lodges before coming together to operate this magnificent lodge that offers one of the world’s best jungle getaways. This incredibly tranquil setting, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon in a wildlife-rich corridor of rainforest between the Cuyabeno Reserve and the Yasuni National Park, is made up of 10 thatched cabanas that sit at the edge of a lake. The eco-lodge offers an awesome birdwatching experience, from the dining room to the nearby tree tower and beyond. As it uses pure solar energy, there is a greater presence of wildlife and do note that there are almost always caimans lurking around the lagoon at night. Sani community guides lead excursions on both the land and water and introduce guests to their families in the nearby village. The lodge offers both a cultural element to understand about life in the Amazon Rainforest and provide a firm focus on the local natural wonders in the rainforest.

Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa RicaThe Lapa Rios Ecolodge is set within a private nature reserve spread over more than 1,000 acres of Central America’s last remaining lowland tropical rainforest on the wild Osa Peninsula. The Lapa Rios Ecolodge hosts 16 thatched-roof bungalows that are free from the buzz of a telephone, the intrusion of the Internet or television. Instead, travellers can enjoy the peaceful sounds of crickets, kinkajous, and cicadas along with amazing ocean views and a large private deck. The sea shore can be accessed on foot in 10 minutes and guests can also lounge alongside the outdoor pool with spectacular ocean views. After a day of play, including surfing lessons, kayaking, horseback rides on the beach, or trekking through the forest to spot three-toed sloths, pumas, monkeys, tree frogs, toucans, macaws and thousands of other creatures, guests can then indulge in a massage followed by dinner at the restaurant serving local fare with jungle views.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, Puerto MaldonadoThis eco-lodge is situated in a remote region of the Peruvian Amazon Basin. Climb the banks of the meandering Madre de Dios River, and travellers will step into a totally new world where they can wake to the sounds of the tropical birds and fall asleep to the calls of the animals at night. Surrounded by a vast jungle canopy, the individual, thatched-roof cabanas combine a variety of natural materials and all cabanas feature hammocks and screened porches, organic bath products, and slippers. The Canopy Tree House is also available for guests and it’s a room perched some 90 feet above the jungle floor. Guests can follow an ‘anaconda trail’ across a flooded swampland to take in a view of the forest from a walkway suspended through the treetops, as well as dine on creatively prepared meals made from fresh local vegetable produce, and indulge in treatments featuring exotic Amazonian botanical extracts at the ENA Spa.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, San Ignacio, BelizeThe Lodge at Chaa Creek sits along the banks of the Macal River and is considered one among the premier jungle lodges in Central America for several decades, and is certainly Belize’s very best. Located near the town of San Ignacio in western Belize, it boasts the top spa in the country, a gourmet restaurant, exceptionally trained staff, a butterfly farm, and an infinity pool, all on the beautifully manicured grounds located in a 365 acre nature reserve. There are 19 large rooms designed as whitewash-and-thatch duplex cottages, as well as two upmarket suites, that include high-quality furnishings, Guatemalan wall hangings, and pristine bedspreads, while the newer honeymoon ‘treetop suites’ seem to defy gravity, standing at eye level among the uppermost branches of hardwoods. When it comes to things to do for travellers, they can take a tour of the Rainforest Medicine Trail, visit a Maya-style cacao plantation, go canoeing or horseback riding and more. Bird species are numerous and impressive, with about 247 species that have been spotted here, giving birdwatchers a treat of a lifetime.

Bajaar Rola, Kanha National Park, IndiaThis jungle camp in the middle of prime tiger territory in Kanha National Park offers travellers with the chance to spot big cats on daily safaris. The park is also home to animals like the ant-eating pangolin, leopards, striped hyena and porcupines, in addition to more than 70 species of exotic trees. The plush ‘tents’ are luxurious, semi-permanent suites made with compressed bamboo walls and floors. They include deep bathtubs, silk drapes, and hand-crafted furniture and private decks, all along the riverbank in an ideal spot for enjoying views of the spectacular jungle wilderness. The swimming pool makes a perfect place for a cool refreshing dip while taking in more of the jungle vista, while the camp cuisine is made using fresh produce from the property’s own garden.

Araras Pantanal Ecolodge, BrazilThe Araras Ecolodge constructed to be in harmony with its surroundings, offers plenty of luxurious comforts, right in the middle of the world’s largest tropical wetland. Travellers are completely immersed in the jungle, while trails wind through the beautiful grounds that lead to treetop lookout towers for spotting the beautiful hyacinth macaws that fly past the lookout points. Activities for guests also include canoeing, horseback riding, and even photo safaris, as this is one of the best spots on the planet to photograph Amazonian bird species. Rooms feature spacious verandas, and there’s a pool with picturesque views and an outstanding restaurant for enjoying dishes made with ingredients like organic fruit and vegetables from the property’s garden accompanied by homemade cheeses.

Jungles stays provide the chance for relaxation and adventure activities. These activities have a positive benefit on the wellbeing of travellers and can brings mental peace. While travellers are among the trees their levels of physical activity is very beneficial and helps in lowering blood pressure, lose weight, improve circulation, and strengthen muscles and many other related health benefits. We recommend you to visit Cozmo Travel and let us create a special package to popular jungle resorts, complete with air tickets, hotel bookings and local tours.

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