Take a Break from the news 

There are many things happening all around us that can directly or indirectly trigger stress and increase it exponentially. It is within the human nature to always be curious and wanting to know all the happenings across the world and the presence of technology, news outlets and social media platforms makes it even easier for people to get a hold of such triggering content and news. 

Regardless of the current pandemic, people should always limit their exposure to negative news and triggers as much as possible as it will have many adverse effects on mental health which will also affect the physical health of a person or not exposed to such news within moderation.  

An easy way for you to stay connected and up to date with the happenings of the world is to control the type of news you are exposed to by selecting topics that interest you and get updates on  them rather than be overwhelmed by news of different origins and topics and will allow you to be more focused and relaxed. 

Take care of your body

Stress can be treated and curbed in different methods depending on your preferences and lifestyle. It is very crucial to analyse and understand what triggers you and stresses you out on a daily basis and work towards making simple changes in your lifestyle to help eliminate such triggers. 

Taking care of yourself is more than just a lifestyle, it is a choice to have well balanced meals, workout and stay active, meditate or any other activity that fits your schedule and makes you feel better than when you started. 

Make time to unwind 

It is important to make time for yourself and listen to what your body and mind needs! 

Take some time off to do something you enjoy, something you have been putting off for so long, or to make new habits and discover new hobbies and activities to do. 

Avid travelers can even take some time off to work on their travel bucket list and research new destinations to discover once it is safe to do so. The pandemic may have hindered some of our routine activities and plans but it has also given us more time to appreciate the simpler things in life to be thankful for. 

Connect with others 

In times like this, going through lock downs and social distancing we have faced many different and new challenges that made human contact very hard. This has a large impact on people who depend on their social circles and events to alleviate their stress. Finding people that you can connect with on a daily basis to check in as well as make up for all the social deficiency that many have suffered from. 

Having a group of trusted people that you can always depend on and are ready to hear you out are very precious and should be appreciated as their effect on your social anxiety and stress will always be helpful and will give you a chance to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with people.