People say that travelling by train or road is better than travelling by air, one cannot save money by traveling by air and also it is quite boring. But here are some facts about booking online flight tickets which will help in saving money and also making it fun. As flying saves a lot of time, relatively less travel body strain and most importantly you get more time on the trip be it business or leisure.  One can save a lot of money by online ticket booking. Let us check out some hacks one requires.


  1. One should buy his tickets on Tuesdays at around 3 p.m.

The cheaper airlines, like JetBlue and Southwest, list their new sales early on Tuesday mornings. And by mid-afternoon the other airlines as a tough competition, lower down their fares. These days there is enormous competition; reducing pricing is done mostly on this day of the week. This can be exploited well by the customers.

  1. One should clear his cache to spend less amount

As internet browser saves cache, you may get the old amount. It means the browser shows result without revising the latest, result. So for the browser to entirely open a new and revised fares list, you should always clear the cache stored in the browser.

  1. One should always choose a seat plan

If a person is paying the full amount, then he should book the seat he wants, to make him feel first class in economy class. You should choose the seat on which you are comfortable. You can feel like a first class even in the economy class, if you are comfortable.

  1. Get your mobile battery charged well

While on a long journey, if your mobile is charged you can either play games or watch a movie saved for the journey. These days we do not need to switch of our phone all we need to do is to turn on the airplane mode, so it can be a good travel companion.

  1. Book the tickets as early as possible

Booking the ticket earlier is very good as far as saving money is concerned. As tickets cost less if they are booked earlier. Saving money is one of the biggest targets of the customers.

  1. Never be ashamed to ask for free things

You should never be ashamed to ask for anything which you feel is free. As asking will simply solve your doubts. If you have paid for the tickets, then you are eligible for all the free services. If they make your journey better then you should always ask for it.

  1. Make your luggage easier to spot

After a tiring flight, the bigger target is the luggage, which can be done by making it easier to spot, like bright colored bags, or special key chains.

These are a few hacks which can make a person’s journey more comfortable.