With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic governments, politicians, scientists and celebrities want us to get into self-isolation and practice social distancing. Social Distancing is the practice of avoiding coming into contact with people unless you really need to or for essentials, i.e., no visiting shopping malls, no more visitors at your house, no more visiting people, no eating out, no partying, pubs or sporting events, etc. This is advised by health officials in order to lessen the impact or slow down the spread of the virus allowing the health care system to more readily care for patients over time.

So, what can you do while away your time in self isolation? Here are 6 fun ideas for you to choose from and have a staycation at home.

‘Marie Kondo’ your home

Unlike a hotel room, houses are not equipped for a “staycation”. A hotel room is a blank slate. Given that you book a decent hotel, you most probably will get a fresh, clean room free of any clutter or chaos which is exact opposite of your house where life gets in the way of regularly cleaning out and decluttering, unless you are multi-millionaire living in an penthouse or a 2-floor villa with house helps.

‘Mariekondo-ing’ means to have a critical eye for unnecessary things in your house to lay everything out, discarding most of the stuff and then organizing the remaining ones in order to organize your space. This is a time consuming and painstaking process but will be worth it in the long run.

Embrace the power of scent

Perfumes and scents have a huge power over your mood. Set the tone for your staycation by choosing the feel you are trying to create. For example, a Hawaiian vacation may smell like orchids, plumeria or vanilla. For a bucolic bed and breakfast, think spring flowers and fresh air. Buy items online such as candles, incense or essential oils.

Binge watch and catch up the shows and movies you missed or read a book.

Social distancing can be lonely, and in these times of deep uncertainty it can be difficult to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Many are turning to television and movies for comfort and escape — whether they’re on their fifth re-watch of their favorite show, planning a (virtual, of course) movie night with friends, or are exploring new shows to binge-watch over the coming weeks. Or do you have that book you have been putting of reading because your other worldly commitments? This is your chance. Maybe you can even start a book club with your friends (virtual, of course).

Make a Travel Bucket List

Write it down in black and white the places you’ve yet to explore, the trips you want to take and the food you’ve got to sample once the world gets back to the swing of things. You can check out our various other blogs for inspiration.

Learn a new language

Challenge yourself to learn a new language in just a few weeks, ready for your next trip away. With a ton of apps and websites that give you lessons for free, you’ve truly run out of excuses not to.

Sleep Luxuriously

Use the time you normally spent commuting to work to catch up on sleep. Invest in hotel-like blackout curtains in your bedroom if you already haven’t. Create a ritual around the going to bed such as taking a bath, drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea, lighting candles, practicing yoga, meditating or reading a book.