There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life, or you’re the one that’ll change theirs.

Meeting new people while you’re travelling can be a hugely rewarding experience. Those who love traveling know that with travelling comes the visions of exotic lands, far-off locations and most importantly the joy of meeting all the new people during the travel. Travelers generally come with a desire to meet indigenous people and they do get their wish fulfilled. While travelling, you end up encountering some amazing, unforgettable people who become a very important part of your life. We have listed down the five kinds of people you meet when travelling:


The nomad traveler

The nomad traveler constantly changes locations, switching from one place to another. They have been almost everywhere and have nearly seen everything. When you meet these kind of travelers, you realize that they would never settle down in a home, just keep changing places. You generally meet such kind of travelers on buses, airports and hotels. When you find a nomad as your travel buddy, he/she will come across as quite smart, easy going and interesting probably because they are exposed to different types of lifestyles, cultures and situations. Often, the nomad travelers can help you change from within because of their radical approach to life.




The New Traveler

Quite the opposite of the nomad, the newbie as your travel companion is a completely different experience altogether. Emotions such as hope, fear and excitement is what the newbie goes through. They do not know what to expect and come with a lack of preparation. They usually depend on a travel guide book. The one really nice thing to have them as your travel buddy would be that they are so eager to experience new things. Often, you will have to tell them to slow down their excitement.




The Tourist

A tourist is generally a person who travels away from home for leisure, business or other purposes for not longer than two or three days. They generally head to the well-known big cities and their itenery generally is made up of prominent attractions. They generally visit their friends and relatives, wanting to stay in contact with friends and relatives while travelling away from home.




The Lone Soul

The lone traveler probably knows more than all of us together do. They come with a completely overwhelming sense of freedom with no hidden fears and insecurities. If you interact with them, you realize some of them come to take a break from their stressful lives, while some come just for a week or so. Interacting with them will help you realize that traveling solo is an exhilarating experience and that they have taken time to nurture themselves into what they are today.




The Couple

Quite the contrast to the lone soul, the couple who travel can often leave you with different lessons in life. The couple as a travel companion is often a daunting experience especially if they’re on their honeymoon. A close look at them, you can tell that they are equally in love and frustrated with each other. From meals to every activity, the couple generally does all of it together. The backpacking couple as your travel companion is definitely a different and hopefully a cherish able experience because they are the ones with tons of stories to share.

couple traveling by boat



Travelling always comes with unexpected lessons and new experiences. Most importantly, the beauty of travelling isn’t in just where you leave your footsteps but also in the people you meet and connections you make along the journey. These people will contribute and determine your journey to self-discovery.

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