A lot of the blogs focus on how to save money while on your travel instead of focusing on the trip itself being budget friendly. To travel the world is the dream of many, and it is not difficult to just take a trip somewhere. But realistically not everyone has the same approach towards travel. Instead of spending your trip counting how much cash is left behind; why not go for a journey where you will be comfortable to spend? Plan out a budget trip which doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet!

Here is a list of different travel ideas for tight budget travelers looking to get the most out of their trip:

Travel regionally

How many of us have taken a trip and explored our own country? Travelling regionally will cost you much less than an international trip. While we dream about a trip to exotic locations abroad and constantly look out for dreamy movie like locations, we tend to ignore the places that we can travel to locally or regionally within the country.



Off season travel

Although it might seem like a pointless travel, there are some travel destinations to which you can travel anytime. Travelling off season will cut down your travel expenses by half, but then you will have to choose your destination for the trip wisely. For instance, taking a trip to Mexico in January is the best time to save big. So save up all your office leaves and use it all on an off season trip to have the time of your life!




Camping is a great way to explore nature and it is pretty cost effective too. When you go camping, you take your own supplies and stock ups on the trip and on top of that you get to live in a tent. Camping helps you bond and make amazing memories with your buddies on your travel. You don’t need exotic locations for camping; all you need is a good view and good company and the rest works itself. You can also read up on the top sites to visit for a camping trip by us.



Many of the students these days opt for an international internship opportunity especially when it comes to community service. Many youth run or NGO organisations allow students to travel and explore different countries like Bulgaria, Rome etc to make a difference through attractive internship enrollments. It is a great way to meet people and explore the place. The best part is that such a trip is completely sponsored. So why not enroll for an for a new travel experience?


Last minute- cruise and tour

Although it is advised to plan your trip in advance, an impromptu trip has a thrill of its own. Booking a cruise ship or a tour travel at the last minute might just work out best for you, especially since the managers of the cruise or the tour are always on the look out to fill the seats for the trip. You might end up getting heavy discounts for doing so since you catch them at a very desperate time to travel.


Now that you know what to do, what are you waiting for? Decide what type of a traveler you are and go pursue your wanderlust!