Family time is important, which is why so many couples with kids choose Byron Bay as a destination. Going on a vacation with your children is not as relaxing as it may seem – since children are picky by nature. It’s very easy for them to blow a fuss – and unless they are particularly attracted to a place, chances are that they will make you cut your vacation short.

Not too long ago, I went to Byron Bay with my family – and it is certainly a place that can keep a child entertained. Packed with great facilities, fun attractions, and delicious foods, I was not forced to cut my vacation short by a fussy child.

Accommodations in Byron Bay

Camping with the family can be fun, particularly if you are on the beach. It is also a cheaper alternative since you do not have to pay for hotel rooms or other accommodations. Since hotel rooms can be rather pricey, it’s more convenient to pay for the camping fee in an authorized camping zone (I don’t advise camping in an unauthorized area, since it can be rather dangerous).

However, if you like sleeping in a real bed, you can look for accommodations at Discovery Parks Byron. You can rent a cabin there – and they have their own kitchens, washing machines, and dryer. If you have a small child, you probably realized that a washing machine is something crucial to have around.

Where to Eat?

You’re on a holiday, so you have a multitude of places to see – but you also have to eat at some point. There’s a variety of family-friendly shops that sell your everyday foods – but also unique dishes that you can only find here.

We went to The Top Shop to have some burgers – and they were indeed delicious. Our kids love burgers, so it is a good option if you can’t get them to eat fancy foods. You can also go to the Mongers and get some fish & chips. I got them as a takeout so that my family and I could enjoy them on the beach while watching the sunset. There’s no better way to enjoy an evening in Byron Bay.

If you are in the mood for desserts or just a good breakfast, you might want to hit the Macadamia Castle restaurant and try the pancakes there. It’s just at the back of Byron, which means you won’t have to go very far.

This place is also very attractive for children since it features a number of farm animals that they can play with. Plus, they have a place where they can play mini-golf – or simply go on a short train ride.

What Can You See in Byron Bay?

Thankfully, Byron Bay is not devoid of attractions – and provided you have the time, you can have a full schedule that spans over at least a week. Here are some top things that you should see – or do – while you are in Byron Bay.

Ø  Go to the Lighthouse

The lighthouse in Byron Bay is perhaps the most popular sight in eastern Australia, which is why it’s definitely worth a visit. The lighthouse has its own information center and café, and you can always enjoy a snack there if you are traveling with your family. You can easily walk to that point – but if you have a small child that dislikes walking long distances, you can also reach the place by car.

I recommend that you take a walk to the top of the cliff since the sights are definitely worth seeing. Plus, since the road is rather narrow, there’s a chance you might have difficulties going past cars coming from the opposite direction.

Ø  Try Surfing

If you are only traveling with your partner or your kids are old enough to surf, you might want to try the waves in Byron Bay. If you don’t know how to surf, there are several surf schools that can teach you the basics. However, if you already have the basics down, you can rent the gear from the beach schools without actually having to go through with the lesson.

Ø  Go to The Farm Byron Bay

Children love animals – so obviously, The Farm Byron Bay was next on the checklist. Featuring various activities and attractions, this farm just outside of Byron Bay can keep your kids entertained for a whole day.

Let your child look at the animals (cows, pigs, and hens), let them have some fun on the playground, and then go to the farm’s restaurant. A lot of fresh food is served there, and you should really try the steaks there. The omelets are also very good since the chef uses fresh eggs straight from the source.

You can also go to the farm’s bakery if you wish to take the food to the playground.

Ø  Have Fun at the Beach

A summer holiday isn’t complete without going at least once to the beach – and luckily enough, Byron Bay has one. Packed with beautiful white sands and spreading over a fairly long distance, this beach is a good place for those who don’t like crowded places.

Plus, considering that it also has a playground, the kids were also entertained. You can buy food from the beach shops – but if you are in the mood for making your own food, you can try the barbeque sites on the beach.

Final Thoughts

Byron Bay is a gem when it comes to tourism – and unless you take a few good days of vacation time, you won’t be able to visit as much. Still, with a good itinerary, you can see all the interesting sights while also relaxing with your family.

I recommend that you start with the main attractions and museums, after which you should have a meal at a nice restaurant. Let your children burn their energy during various activities (swimming, surfing, hitting the playgrounds) – and then end your evening by taking a stroll on the beach. The sunset is a sight to see when you are lying on the sand with a mojito in your hand.