Doha, which was practically a village famous for fishing till the mid nineteenth century is the most urban places to visit in Qatar today. About sixty percent of the people of Qatar live there. It is said that if Doha’s bidding for the world cup 2022 is approved, then the city will have air conditioned pavements everywhere.

Doha is a city full of potential. It is considered to be the child of globalization. It is possible to capture the essence of Doha in just two days. Any time between Septembers to March is a good time to visit because the temperature is tolerable.

Hence, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this beautiful city. Here is how you can cover Doha in 2 days:

Arriving at Doha

Check out for early morning landing flights reaching either the Qatar or Doha. The Doha international airport is just 5 miles away from the city centre.

After landing, you can always get onto a cab or a bus to reach your accommodation spot. It’s very difficult to get lost in a place like Doha because everything is so organised and even the bus services are pretty neat and safe to travel in even when you are new to the place.

In most of the trips, the hotels are pre-booked. Especially if you are travelling for the first time to Doha, it is always better to pre-book and sort all the travel arrangements and stay.

Doha has a large range of places when it comes to accommodation. Depending on your budget, you have accommodations varying from budget friendly stays to luxury hotels. Check in to your hotel, relax for about an hour or so and then begin your journey in exploring the city.



For a day wise reference on the to-do list in Doha, here is a comprehensive plan just for you-

Day 1

After you are nicely settled in, you can now set out to take a City tour. This will cover all elegant high-rise towers, stately public buildings, mosques, museums, traditional architecture, glittering malls, lush green parks, the vibrant alleyways of the souks and dhows bobbing on the sparkling blue waters of the bay.



The best part about the day is that you get to eat local, eat on the run and experience Doha in the real sense. Through the entire journey one will understand the culture the place offers. One must definitely visit the Museum of Islamic Art, designed by master architect I.P. Pei. The building sits on a man-made island and has been designed to resemble a woman wearing a Burqa. Inside is the world’s most comprehensive collection of Islamic art.

Another note worthy tour location is lying 100 km northwest of Doha; Al Zubarah is a UNESCO World Heritage site.



You can end your day 1 adventures with some indulgence in shopping. Popular souvenir purchases include carpets, rugs, Arabic coffee pots, incense burners and regional art and handicrafts.



Day 2

On your last day at Doha, start your exploration on a spiritual note and go for a Mosque visit.  Combining mosque, school and library, the Fanar Islamic Cultural Centre is a state-run institution designed to educate non-Arabs about Qatari and Islamic culture, so a visit here will be religious very educating and relaxing.



No visit would be complete without experiencing the singing sand dunes of Doha. Besides enjoying a heart stopping roller coaster ride over the precipitous dunes, other activities like camel rides, sand boarding or driving a quad bike will give you the much required adrenaline rush. There a number of tour operators who can get you a good half day deals for such safaris.



If desert safaris are making your pockets tight, then planning out visits to the parks and beaches of Doha would be a wonderful alternative. The Doha Corniche, a seven-kilo meter long waterfront promenade and park, is a major tourist attraction.


You can wrap up your journey by experiencing Doha-dining either at either a road side shop or luxury hotel to enjoy the true taste of Middle Eastern food. But stay away from too much, otherwise the flight back home is going to pay heavy!

Now that you know what to do, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and hotels through Cozmo Travel and discover the city of Doha in just 2 days!