Greece is not only beautiful with its ocean landscapes, distinct architecture, and delectable food, but it’s also incredibly affordable. Things cost half what they do in other parts of Europe. As one of the continent’s most popular destinations during the summer times, people from around the world flock to its famous islands for the sun, and to the cities for the history. I love Greece. It’s warm, it’s cheap, it has delicious food, rugged, windswept but relaxing islands, and lively and friendly locals. It’s the perfect summer destination. Everything you have ever seen or heard about Greece is true and I highly recommend you spend some extended time here. Also, try to get off the islands and into the interior as it’s mostly free of crowds!

General Cozmo Travel Style Tips for Travel In Greece

  • The same advice applies pretty much throughout mainland Greece and her many islands – travel light, and we mean really light.
  • Avoid anything too smart – Greece really is very casual.
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen, a sunhat and sunglasses.
  • If you take a boat trip you may find there’s a cool breeze out on the water. The sun will be extra strong too and you may not have much cover. A sarong or t-shirt will give protection from both – and don’t forget a wide brimmed or a Panama hat.

Cozmo Travel Footwear Tips for Greece

  • The roads are often unmade and stony so comfy closed flats are a must for anywhere away from the main towns .
  • Wearing high heels when sightseeing is generally impractical anywhere, but note that at historic sites such as the Acropolis they are actually banned to reduce the risk of damage to the ancient monuments.

Cozmo Travel Clothing Tips for Women

  • For the evenings again keep it light and simple; lightweight Capri pants or skirt with a cotton shirt, or a sundress, all work well with flip flops. A few well-chosen pieces of costume jewelry will transform any outfit.
  • If you go on a trip that involves a visit to a Monastery, if you are not covered up correctly they will issue you with something that may not be to your taste; so just make sure that you have a wrap or pashmina with you to cover your shoulders and legs.

Cozmo Travel Clothing Tips for Men

  • If you go on a trip to a Monastery, if you are not covered up correctly they will issue you with something that may not be to your taste; so just make sure that you wear longer pants to cover your legs.
  • Versatile and stylish beachwear including light floral print shirts, shorts, polos and swimwear.
  • Travel jackets with multiple pockets are a requirement.

Cozmo Travel Clothing Tips for Greek Weather

  • It gets hot hot hot in the summer months of June, July, August and September so pack plenty of sunscreen, a sunhat and sunglasses.
  • Most rain falls in November, December, January and February, when Athens can be colder and windier than you might expect. A light sweater, raincoat and small travel umbrella may be useful at this time.
  • We also recommend a trustworthy weather app for an accurate day by day forecast of day and night temperatures, which is really helpful when travel plans for Greece are being prepared from from home.

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