1 Cursing and bad mannerisms

The holy month of Ramadan is all about respecting each other and honouring the teachings of islam. The 30 day period of abstinence from all sins gives people the chance to cleanse their spirits and work on their temper, impatience, and other qualities that can be negative in some scenarios. Be sure not to use foul language and make sure to smile more to people and have a positive spirit to remind all the people around you to remember the pillars and teachings of islam in a positive light.


2 Human connections

Make sure to connect with your family and loved ones, instead of wasting the day with sleeping and thinking of food, make sure to find fun ways to incorporate getting closer to god as a family to reap the benefits of worship. Also make sure you have a clean heart and mind when dealing with others as well as when you are on your own. Islamic teachings urge all Muslims to be helpful and nice to each other all year round but take extra care o exert a little bit more effort to put your best foot forward and establish positive connection with the community, which will give you more will power to worship and spread the love.


3 Beware of your actions in public

If for any reason you are not participating in the month of Ramadan and not fasting, make sure you do not show it to people, especially in an Islamic country. Be considerate and don’t ingest any food, drinks or smoke in front of fasting individuals so they don’t feel bad or have a strong urge to break their fast. You will also notice that most restaurants and joints do not open their doors and you can only buy food if its takeaway and not dine in. This helps show unity amongst people and allows people to be more disciplined and work on being helpful to the community and become more considerate and selfless.


4 Social media

Social media can be a powerful tool to help spread faith and motivate people into becoming better people, however make sure you don’t do good deeds just for the sake of sharing it on social media as a means to an end because the essence of the holy month of Ramadan is to be selfless and be helpful for the sake of Islam, not for showing off and turning good deeds into a social competition rather than human decency.


5 Health misconceptions

Do not plan on going through Ramadan and partake in the fasting for the sole reason of losing weight as the goal or reason behind fasting. This way of thinking defeats the main purpose of Ramadan being the month of repentance and abstaining from all bad habits and focuses on eating healthy and work on self restraint, which will aid in establishing a healthier lifestyle that will eventually lead to weight loss with no harm done.

6 Iftar guidelines

When the time for Iftar comes, make sure to pray first so you don’t get distracted and forget to do so. Keep your food intake minimal and gradual keep in mind that your stomach will be overloaded otherwise and gluttony will loom over you. Make sure to prepare some iftar meals for people who might need it in your area. Also, Muslim or not, do not turn down an iftar invitation for its a sign of good will and affection.