You might have traveled to some European countries in your time, but have you ever took the
time to truly discover the gem that is London?!

This article will help you plan your trip to London and not solely focus on the hyped up tourist
attractions and locations, but give you an overview of all the great things to see and experience
through a holiday package to London.

First off, You should be ready to do a lot of walking, mainly because you don’t get to connect
with a place when you’re seeing it throw a cab’s window. Try to explore areas or
neighborhoods rather than cities. This will limit your capacity to be sidetracked by all the
different things to see in different regions of the city. This way you will be able to take in all your
surroundings at your own pace, as long as you plan your route in advance.

An optimal way for you to travel London from Cozmo travel is to figure out your angle, do you
want your trip to be oriented towards shopping, where in that case you have to pay a visit to
popup shops on Brick Lane, then head over the Mayfair neighbourhood for a more upscale
shopping experience.

DIY tour with a Hop-On- Hop Off bus

You could definitely use this service to tour London wisely and on a budget. Start your day with
hopping on in the morning and you will be able to view all the touristy attractions with the option
to hop-off for pictures, however if enduring crowds is not your thing you can definitely take a
picture from the bus and keep going to your next destination. And hey you might even meet
more smart travelers along the ride !

Tourist At Heart

If you are keen on experiencing the typical tourist Holiday in London, a great idea is to get the
london pass, which gets you so much savings to visit all the famous attractions as well as grant
you free access to Tower of London, The Hop on Hop off Bus tour, The Thames River Cruise,
The Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, The London Bridge Experience, The Tower Bridge,
The London Zoo, Kensington Palace, and The Hampton Court Palace.

Travelling On A Budget

For the travelers on a budget, London offers many attractions and activities to be done that are
free of cost such as a visit to the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Houses of
Parliament, spending a day at the Greenwich Park and get a spectacular view of the city,
perfect for taking pictures. If you are a fan of abstract art and graffiti you are in for a treat at
Shoreditch, in the east of London, especially Middlesex and Brick Lane streets.
Don’t forget to pay a visit to the museum of london, that is sometimes overlooked by tourists.
Also, make sure to drop by the portobello road market in the beautiful Notting Hill to score some
vintage outfits and antiques

Get Out of the City

Do yourself a favor and visit the refreshing countryside to places like Richmond that has nice
little shops, and a lot of places for strolling and taking beautiful pictures on boat tours for your
social media purposes as well as having a great time. Also drop by the Royal Botanic Gardens
for a bite and a warm beverage.

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