Artifacts, Monuments, these are not mere objects. They are our connections to history and an embodiment of our evolution. Today, these historical artifacts or monuments are preserved in order to celebrate the history that we have lived. The following are 8 walls to see around the world that have witnessed history and are a reminder of it.


  1. Great Wall of China

Everyone knows the Great Wall of China; One of the biggest in the world and a tremendous human achievement. Since the 7th Century, walls were being built in different parts of China, which were later brought together to form the Great Wall. Stretching for 8,850 kms, it is the biggest man made barrier to be built and a big accomplishment in engineering.




  1. Western Wall, Israel

Built around 19 BC by Herod the Great, it was a part of the expansion of The Second Jewish Temple. The Western Wall is revered to be a holy of structures by the Jewish community. It is the biggest attraction currently present in Israel and encases the Temple Mount Hill which is one of the holiest in Judaism faith.




  1. Berlin Wall

A reminder of the cold war, the division between East Germany and West Germany and the World Wars, the Berlin Wall is one of the most iconic walls in the world. Having begun construction on 13 August 1961, the wall was eventually demolished on 9 November, 1989. The structure is a scary reminder of what wars can do to people. The site remains one of the most visited places in Europe.




  1. Walls of Troy, Turkey

The legendary city’s walls were built during Greek times and still exist today in Turkey. The Trojan War had taken place within the region and the wall is said to have withstood the siege by the Achaeans for 10 years. Today, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within these walls of Troy there exists 4000 years worth of history and is one of the most important archaeological sites today.




  1. Hadrian’s Wall, England

73 miles long, Hadrian’s Wall was built by the Romans to protect their colony of Britannia from the Scotland tribes. With construction having begun in 122 AD, the structure has also been listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list and thus is one of the most important monuments of ancient history. The site is also an attraction for tourists in Northern England.




  1. Walls of Ston, Croatia

Known as the ‘European Wall of China’, these Walls of Ston were built by the Republic of Ragusa to protect the city of Ston. It was built in between the 14th and the 15th century. Almost 7 kms long, it is the second largest wall in Europe.




  1. Great Zimbabwe Wall

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Zimbabwe Wall was a part of the Great Zimbabwe city which was the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe. The settlement was founded in the 11th century and abandoned in the 15th century. It was during the late Iron Age that this kingdom existed.




  1. Sacsayhuaman, Peru

Sacsayhuaman was a citadel in the city of Cusco, Peru, the capital during the Inca Empire. Similar in regards to many other Inca constructions, the citadel was built with large stone walls put together to fit without the use of a mortar. This site was eventually added into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983.




It’s incredible how these walls have stood the test of time and the history they hold. These walls were meant to divide us, but now remain as a symbol of what we have been through. Do you wish to see these incredible structures? Plan your trip with Cozmo Travel. For more fascinating facts about world travel visit