From the endless barren desolate desert rose the sky scrapers and, where once only the grains of the desert sand were available in abundance, now stands a profusion of superlatives. In just a little over a decade Dubai has become the dazzling tourist attraction enticing tourists with the world’s largest shopping mall, the largest manmade island, the world’s tallest hotels to name a few of its pompous specials.
If you still aren’t sure of why you should be visiting Dubai, read on.

1) One stop Vacation Spot

If you want to go on a vacation and don’t want to spend most of the time travelling long distances to get to the next tourist attraction, Dubai is just the place you are looking for. It will keep you engaged and busy for a minimum of five to six days, making it the perfect place for a short vacation.

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2) Infrastructure

Not that anything needs to be said about the spectacular architecture of the imposingly formidable towers that Dubai has to flaunt… A drive down Sheikh Zayed Road will speak for itself.

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3) High Degree of Safety

Ladies, if you are planning a vacation with your girlfriends, you have found your undisputed destination. The services and security Dubai has to offer to its female residents and tourists is peerless. Well, you have safety off your plate now, go on, let your hair down and have some fun!Female-Traveling-in-DubaiImage Source

4) Suits your pocket – whatever size it is.

No doubt you could spend lavish amounts on stay and shopping while you are here (with the alluring hotels and malls making it so easy for you), but that doesn’t mean that Dubai isn’t for the ones looking for a low budget vacation. There are a number of good hotels, restaurants and shopping arcades that suit the common man. And hey, everyone can indulge in the beauty of the beaches and the malls for free! So let not a modest budget stop you from considering this irresistible option.

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5) Caters to all whims and fancies

Whether you are looking for an action packed holiday to give you the adrenaline rush or for a week of repose, shopping and unwinding, Dubai won’t disappoint your expectations. You could be the dare devil and go sky diving, jet skiing or on a desert safari to get your dose of thrill or you could soothe yourself at a spa, sun bathe at a beach or spend a day at the mall. You sure are pampered for choice!


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 6) Tantalises your taste buds

Dubai is a haven for all you foodies out there. Apart from the mouth watering Arabic cuisine that’s local to the region, Dubai serves nearly all cuisines of the world. Be it the innumerable outlets of Bombay Chowpatti serving chaat like those on the streets of Mumbai or Cheese cake Factory or P F Chang bistros that you fancy, Dubai has it all. So grab a spoon and dive into the platter of anything under the sun that you wish to have in Dubai.


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7) Leaves you wide eyed and jaw dropped

If shiny sleek cars are your thing then Dubai has it. Hop in and we’ll show you what it feels like to own a beast on wheels. With even the police in Dubai patrolling around in a Lamborghini or Aston Martin, the streets of Dubai will have you turning your head in every direction. It’s not just our edifices that we have to take your heart away!

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8) Intoxicates the shopaholic

Dubai boasts of having the world’s largest shopping mall, which has so much more to it than just shopping. It displays its gold and spice souks with a condescending nonchalance, for reasons being too obvious. It’s an unparalleled shopping experience. With innumerable duty free shops to choose from, Dubai is no doubt one of the largest shopping hubs in the world. Read more about the Dubai Shopping Festival on the official website


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Besides, all of that, Dubai is in close proximity to almost all places in the world and easily accessible with endless flights flying to and through Dubai. What are you waiting for then? Pack your bags, we hope to see you in Dubai soon!