Coffee is love. Steaming hot, brewing fresh coffee any time of the day will get any person lively. It’s a lot like the magic potion of humans. It’s fair to say that without coffee, most people would just go crazy.

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If coffee is such a big thing and everybody loves it then there must definitely be a bucket list for coffee lovers. With that in mind, we give you the 8 of the best coffee cities in the world for die hard coffee lovers to totally sip that heavenly drink.

  1. Rome, Italy:

Home to The Leaning tower of Pisa and traditional foods like Pizza and pasta, Italy is also famous for its coffee. Espresso and Cappuccino, two different and popular forms of coffee are rumored to have been brewed out of Italy. It’s no wonder that Italians love coffee. Hence, when in Rome, do what the Romans do, drink coffee.




  1. Havana, Cuba:

Cuba is famous for its coffee. Café Cubano, espresso with a sugar mix or Cortadito, espresso with a milk mix are the famous forms of coffee you will find here. It is told that Cuban coffee is not made for everybody, but once somebody drinks it, they will be addicted.




  1. Reykjavik, Iceland:

Iceland is known for its smaller cafes. As no big companies have invested or put their business in Iceland, independent coffee shops have taken it upon themselves to serve good coffee. So, you can put on your coat, rub your hands together and order a hot beverage of coffee.




  1. Vienna, Austria:

Vienna is famous for its different castles and their architecture, the Alps range and the Danube River. But, Vienna is also a part of the coffee culture and it is an old and famous patron of it. Viennese indulge in Espressos, and it is also rumored that the Italian Cappuccino has its roots in Vienna. It’s been told that the word Cappuccino is derived from the German word ‘Kapuziner’.   The local Wiener Melange, an espresso shot with steamed milk and milk foam is a favorite that any coffee lover should enjoy.



  1. Melbourne, Australia:

Australia may be an isolated county on planet Earth, but its love for coffee makes not so lonely after all. Melbourne is the best place to have a sip of coffee latte. People here are so crazy about coffee that they have the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) every year. Much love indeed!

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  1. Istanbul, Turkey:

Turkish coffee is a famous beverage and also, an Intangible Cultural Heritage, conferred by UNESCO. They have their very own style of making coffee by grinding the beans, simmering it in a pot called cezve and then having it served in a cup. This type of coffee is found in various neighboring countries with their own variants of it. So now you know what you have to do as soon as you land in Istanbul.




  1. Addis Abada, Ethiopia:

It is supposedly the place where Coffee originated. Yes, Ethiopia is coffee’s motherland. It is one of the top producers of coffee beans in the world. Hence, it does have a reputation for coffee. There is a particular ‘Coffee ceremony’ that is followed in Ethiopian culture after every meal. Here, coffee is served both with sugar, salt and a certain ingredient called Niter Kibbeh.




  1. Vancouver, Canada:

Vancouver is the destination for the urban coffee lover. People here enjoy Americanos and Espressos in general. The city has numerous cafes, but small neighborhood coffee shops also provide a worth-the-money service.




Coffee is one beverage that can drive anybody nuts. It’s that friend who is bubbling with energy every moment of the day. You can never feel down when you are around such a thing. It’s not a surprise that there are places and people around the world who take it as a personal adventure to visit such places. If you think you are one of them, then plan you trip with