No matter where you live, you must have come across people from a different cultural backgrounds. Understanding their background can help you celebrate the cultural differences you have and lead to some really good experiences. These 8 cultural destinations of the world are full of spectacular sights and visiting these places would be a wonderful escapade!


  1. Machu Picchu, Peru

The Peru culture evolved through constant interaction between the Hispanic & Amerindian cultures and Peruvians are immensely proud of their cultural wealth. The geographical location of Peru has enabled various cultures and traditions to co-exist. The interaction of varied groups of indigenous people along with the introduction of Inca Empire lead to diversity in their customs, religion, food, music, dance and festivals of the territory. An important aspect of their tradition involves rewarding the Mother Earth for the endless generosity she provides.




  1. Pyramids, Egypt

This ancient civilization is characterized by their rich history of Gods, pharaohs, slaves, pyramids, mummies, afterlife, architecture and much more. Even to this day, archaeologists are discovering new things that existed in this ancient civilization. Egypt’s rich culture evolved through the historical influences of their ancient leaders and religion. Millions of people flock this country each year to get a flavor and understanding of this marvelous civilization.




  1. Temples and Castles, Japan

Japan as a country has progressed extremely well with a unique blend of modern and traditional values. The beautiful temples, castles, shrines, traditional clothing, language, gardens, etc. have a unique style and essence. The Japanese culture and history is very impressive, with people often wondering how a nation can progress so well while keeping in mind traditional values. It is an ideal travelling spot as there is very low crime rate in this country.




  1. Monuments and Temples, India

The Indian culture is considered to be an amalgamation of various cultures and has been shaped due to the influence of history spanning through centuries. The historical architectural wonders have influenced the construction and development of the modern marvels of this country. The diversity of culture originating due to variations of language, religion, food, music, dance, etc. in each state indeed make it a country that one must definitely visit.




  1. Eiffel Tower, France

The intricacies of architecture in landmarks, museums and the shops could well qualify for cultural sights in France. The growth of France was also influenced through events in the past which have shaped its rich cultural heritage today. The fashion, cuisine and cinema of France have spread across the globe. The French language and culture have been revered and even adopted my many people in the world.




  1. Ancient Civilization, Greece

Greece is said to have been the birthplace of the modern western civilization thousands of years ago. Greek history can be traced back to the Paleolithic and Roman era as there are many archaeological sites scattered across the country. All the tourists are mesmerized with the Greek architecture, history, mythology, cuisine and the warmth of the people of this country.




  1. Gondolas, Venice-Italy

As one of the most extraordinary cities of Europe with its amazing canals & waterways, carnivals & festivals, cathedrals & churches and so much more, it has been a cultural center since time immemorial. The art galleries and museums of this city help tourists understand the beautiful historical and art impressions of the country. Considered as one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world, it should be on every traveler’s go-to list.




  1. The Bazaars and Buildings, Istanbul, Turkey

The geographical location of Istanbul makes it a vibrant, modern and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The culture of Istanbul is fused together with a mixture of various backgrounds and thus one can experience both Western and Middle Eastern cultures here at the same time! The diverse backgrounds, the vibrant bazaars, the fashionable boutiques and beautiful ancient history along with remarkable youthfulness of this secular country make it one of the best cultural destinations of the world.




Visiting different places and experiencing the myriad cultures of the world is not just a fun endeavor but this also enables you to get an in-depth understanding of the cultural differences in the world. Pack your bags and go out there to have your own exciting experiences!

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