Switzerland has always been a dream location to visit and for film shootings as well. Numerous lakes also add to the picture postcard look of this country, whose most famous character may have been the fictional Heidi.

Switzerland is Europe’s most popular travel destination. From banks, chocolates, watches to alpine meadows, Switzerland has it all. Being a small country, travelling to any place in the country would give you a 360-degree scenery wherever a person finds themselves. For those planning to travel to this beautiful country, here are top tourist destinations of Switzerland-


Zurich is what one can call the “Art Paradise” of Switzerland. The city has over 50 museums and 100 odd art galleries. Being culturally vibrant, efficiently run and attractively set up in the middle of finest rivers and lakes of Switzerland, Zurich is voted as the most liveable cities in the world. While within the city it is all about art street, in the outskirts of the city you will find loads to explore in terms of nature and self-discovery and of course Switzerland tourism!



A lot of us took notice of Geneva from the Princess Diaries book and the movie series. Right?  But the movie wasn’t wrong if it led you to associate Geneva with Switzerland royalty. Geneva is one of the priciest places in Switzerland to live in. Known to be completely sleek, slick and cosmopolitan, you will find people of all walks and of all languages from different countries under one roof here. It is a complete cultural treat!




Located between the Brienzersee and Thunersee Alpine lakes, Interlaken is a popular tourist attraction for outdoor sports and travel in Switzerland. You will get to discover neighbouring valleys, mountains and lakes and it takes less than 2 hours from here to visit other cities and a few cities in the neighbouring European countries. The sceneries of Interlaken are mind blowing and you must visit all the waterfalls there to witness the beauty of thrashing white water glides soundlessly through Switzerland.





Basel is home to over 40 of the world famous museums in Switzerland. This city is widely regarded as the cultural capital of Switzerland, as you travel around the city you will encounter art at every turn, whether you stroll through the beautiful Old Town or visit one of the  museums out of the many that exist . What’s more, Basel also features top-class modern architecture just waiting to be discovered on a city tour.



Ticino gives you the Italian feel with all the palm and citrus trees and streets that wind into little piazzas. Popularly known as the little Italy of Switzerland, you will find Italian speaking people here dining and wining with delicious Italian food. The place is also famous for its traditional inns and producing their own wine. This is one place which has the perfect climate throughout the year which is why it is a host for many cultural events like Switzerland International Film Festival.




City of Bern is the political centre of Switzerland. Marked as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, this was home to Albert Einstein. Bern is the gateway to the Alps. Its central location makes it the perfect base for overnight accommodation and for excursions throughout the country. During summers, the River Aare is good place to travel to, you will get to enjoy the purity of water apart from that, the Bern Botanical Garden and Dählhölzli Zoo are also a major part of Bern’s tourism.




Zermatt is the world’s most attractive winter villages as the area lies in the middle of an enormous hiking and skiing region. The region called “Matterhorn glacier paradise” is Europe’s largest and highest lying summer skiing region. Numerous ski teams train in the summer and is such a treat to watch. This is a popular Switzerland destination especially among mountaineers as the area is surrounded by high peaks. Over 400km of hiking trails lead over to the Matter Valley.


Lake Geneva

Most popular among the elite as it hosts the world’s most expensive hotel “President Wilson Hotel, Geneva”. Lake Geneva is shared between Switzerland and France. Famous for its beautiful islands- Château de ChillonÎle RousseauÎle de la HarpeÎle de SalagnonÎle de ChoisiÎle de Peilz. Apart from that the place is filled with historic mansions which is a must visit when one travels to Switzerland.


So these are our picks why you should visit Switzerland. Get prepared to discover the multiple facets of Switzerland tourism which provides a world of experiences for the more sophisticated traveller.