Although they might not have made it to the list of top islands in the world, European islands are more romantic, exclusive and a fun place to be and better yet exotic! Many of the names of the European Islands are not even heard of by many.

Can there be a better idea for an exotic getaway than a beautiful, tropical European island? So start planning your summer vacation to explore the world’s most beautiful and scenic Islands.

Here is our pick of the top 8 best Islands to visit in Europe for a holiday:

  1. Colonsay, Scotland

This popular European island is only few steps away from Canada from the west. This is one of the remote islands with a total population of over 100 people. The Island is a perfect escape spot for anyone who wants to catch up on some peace and explore the wonders of nature. The valley of Colonsay is extremely sheltered and so you will find the existence of rare species like Sea Samphire and Marsh Helleborine and Orchis, Spiranthes Romanzoffiana. Summers are the best time to give this beautiful European island a visit!


  1. Stromboli, Italy

Popularly known as the ‘Lighthouse of the Mediterranean’, Stromboli is considered to be a magical European Island thanks to its unique charm, beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and its characteristic and unspoiled architecture. By unique charm, we mean that the island is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and famous for its small, but regular explosions which gives out glowing lava from several vents inside its summit crater and this is considered to be very safe for humans to be around. Many people from around the world come to watch the colourful natural explosions. There is a common viewing point which gives the perfect view of the entire terrace. The perfect time to visit the place is anywhere between the months of September and November!


  1. Grinda, Sweden

Grinda is a popular European Island with typical archipelago scenery. People come to this exotic island to enjoy a swim, jump in from the cliffs and take a dip on the family-friendly sandy beaches. The whole island is a nature reserve and has cute little cabins that are let out for rent. Apart from that you get to go on a cruise which will take you around the island and indulge in fun volleyball activities.


  1. Fehmarn, Germany

Fehmarn is Germany’s sunshine isle. With endless stretches of natural beaches along 78 kilometres of coastline, pleasing freshwater lakes and rugged cliffs, Fehmarn is the perfect European Island holiday destination. Fehmarn offers a lot of fun activities and also is a paradise for bird watchers as over 2000 different species can be found here. This European Island is widely famous for windsurfing and golfing with people all over the world coming to give it a try. The best time to visit the island is during late summers.


  1. Santorini, Greece

If you have read our previous blogs, you will know how popular Santorini really is! Apart from being the most romantic Island of Greece, the fascinating Minoan site of Akrotiri and the gorgeous traditional hilltop village of Oia makes the island the most desirable place to be in. It is also considered a go to destination for accomplished artists to get inspiration for their work. This exotic European island has excellent wineries, a unique microbrewery, and the finest accommodation and dining experiences. The multi-coloured beaches are what we can call the icing on the cake. To know about the romantic side of the Island, read.


  1. Margaret Island, Hungary

This European island is the green heart of Budapest, Hungary.  The island is huge green-park with promenades and benches, a great weekend getaway place for couples to enjoy a date or a picnic. This is a place where everyone has something or the other to keep them engaged. The place has a water park, a petting zoo, music fountain, Japanese gardens and  four wheel bikes for couples to roam around.


  1. Sark, the Channel Islands

Sark is one of the four main islands of the Channel Islands of Europe. Located on the south coast of England. The European island has no airstrip, no motor cars and no tar roads, life on Sark remains unaffected by modern life, and it is definitely because personal transportation is restricted to foot, bicycle or horse drawn carriages that the pace of life appears more congenial and relaxed.  The tourists who visit the island arrive constantly throughout the summer months via the local Sark ferry.


  1. Traena, Norway

Perhaps the most distinct of all the Norwegian islands, this European beauty is popularly referred as the fairy tale island. The island is popularly known for its polar nights. The dark time, or the dark polar night lasts from the late November to mid-January. The aurora borealis trails its multi-coloured banner across the sky and the moon lights the scene. The uniqueness of the northern lights and snow is just mesmerizing. Apart from the visual aspect, activities like cycling, canoeing and diving are popular among tourists.