Dubai is by far among the most happening places in the world at the moment. After receiving the responsibility of being host to the 2020 World Expo, all eyes have certainly turned to Dubai as the next big destination for that big vacation. There’s no doubt about the wonders Dubai presents as a tourist destination for many. After all, most of Dubai’s income is generated from tourism which is a commonly known fact. What many don’t get initially, at least up until after the first trip is that Dubai is an incredibly expensive place not just to live in, but also to travel to for a vacation.

That’s right. Dubai is hot in terms of weather but it also burns a hole through your pocket if you’re not careful when spending your money. This is especially prevalent when you travel on a budget. Here are 7 ways you could save money when traveling to Dubai.

1. Use the Metro services

Ask any resident in Dubai how they feel about the Metro service. Most would complain that the construction took so long and that it caused a major inconvenience for traffic on a daily basis. But there is no questioning that the Metro services are a blessing in disguise. Two lines currently exist which provide fast transport across the whole of commercial Dubai. Not only is this way of transport faster than your most conventional of methods but it’s relatively cheaper than a cab. Using the Metro can be very effective in Dubai for those on a tight budget.


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2. Plan in advance

This can never be said enough. It is advisable to plan your trip way in advance so as to manage your budget efficiently. This means booking airfare in advance to avoid inflation costs and deciding a plan of action while in Dubai so as to avoid any extra costs due to all that confusion. It’s great to have such a plan so as to maintain a flow and not be at a point where you’re lost and have no idea what to do. Dubai has a lot to see after all. So plan well.


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3. Use the internet instead of a guide

The internet is definitely the modern traveler’s best friend. The connected ecosystem is constantly growing and so are we being a part of it. Information is thrown around like free money. Why not make the best use of it? Even if you decide to skip all the planning in advance and prefer a sudden trip in the moment, the internet can be your most effective tool. While a guide may be great, the internet is surely a greater advantage here. This is especially the case for you independent travelers out there. Lost in a strange place? Use your GPS. Yes a guide can help you but it’ll cost you. Sometimes even a lot. The enjoyment factor is also taken out since traveling with a guide only gives you a limited time to explore what the places have to offer. Being alone can sometimes have its perks in such cases.


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4. Lodging

Let’s face it. We all want to live in the rooms provided by the Burj-Al-Arab. The fact is that not all of us can afford it. And why should that be a problem? We all know that while traveling, the main objective should be to visit the main attractions and exotic locations. It would make no sense to book out an expensive room that’s only going to be inhabited for a few hours. Besides, Dubai is a tourist hotspot. No hotel is bad, even the cheap ones. The luxury hotels may offer you better service but idea behind the two is practically the same. It makes more sense rationally to stay in a cheaper hotel since you’ll most likely be doing more exploring than just staying in. A point to really consider perhaps.

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5. Visit the local markets

Dubai has some incredible shopping malls. It even has the largest one the world has to offer. But there are more to these malls than just your average shops that provide some major tourist attractions and that’s fine. But if you’re really in it for the shopping, it’s advised that you give the local markets a shot. Everything that the malls have on offer is equally available at the local markets and sometimes even at cheaper rates. Why waste time and money traveling to big malls if that really is the case? Also, in local markets you can learn about the local fashion and culture in greater ways which is another reason you’ve decided to take a trip there in the first place.


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6. Restaurants can be expensive

Dubai is packed with fancy places to grab a bite. Most of which the expenses are sky high like the Burj Khalifa. Try to avoid eating at such fancy restaurants since they pull away quite heavily on your budget. Visit more local cafeterias. They are much cheaper and also offer you the more local & authentic Arabian food which incorporates a lot of the local culture and ambience. This is definitely a point to be considered when traveling for a vacation. For those traveling on a business trip, it’s advisable to pick a 5-star restaurant because well, it’s mostly always on the company tab. So no harm there.

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7. Don’t limit your trip to just Dubai

Okay this completely contrasts everything mentioned earlier. But there is so much more to the UAE than just Dubai. Agreed, Dubai is a great place providing some of the greatest wonders to the human eye. There is so much more that the Middle East has to offer. The remaining Emirates like Ras-Al-Khaimah are filled with cultural diversity that shouldn’t be missed when take a trip there. All the Emirates incorporate the Arabian experience and while Dubai may do it in grand fashion, the other Emirates do it with cultural bliss and even cheaper.

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